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Ambessa Tea Stories: Choco Nut Balsamic Reduction

By Ashley Beck | March 7, 2013

photo by: FoodMayhem


Photo: FoodMayhem

As Marcus told Tea Magazine in an interview, “Tea was always in the cards from day one, it’s part of the restaurant in every sense, from the bar to sipping a cup to cooking with it.” Not only is tea steeped in tradition, the ritual of drinking tea has a healing power to it, and has a way of bringing people together. It provides a certain level of comfort and is a great way to healthfully flavor our favorite foods.  

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Chasing Flavors

Daily Special: Chickety Split Sandwich

By Christopher Stewart | March 5, 2013

Chickety Split


Sometimes we are so wrapped up in the technicalities of finely orchestrated foods, that we miss out on some delicious basics, like a sandwich. A sandwich can be a meal in itself consisting of all the elements you need for a devine meal. Today, chefs are making sandwiches from everything tasty right down to the type of lettuce that’s used. Piled high with eggs for breakfast, a mountain of hot roast beef for lunch, or for dinner as a lazy saturday night meal, you can never go wrong with a sandwich. The chickety split sandwich at The NOOK inside of Red Rooster  is a meal in itself. It has all of the favorites in one sandwich. Read More

Chasing Flavors

Daily Special: Red Caesar Salad

By Christopher Stewart | February 19, 2013

Smoked Caesar Salad

There is something intriguing about classic foods. Maybe it’s the feeling of it being perfect every time you eat it, or it could be the feeling you get when you have that first fork full of food and it takes you back to a wonderful memory. Either way, classics hold a near and dear place in our hearts and they are worth every fork full. Caesar salad has always been a classic staple on menus across the country and its been a recognizable favorite, even loved by celebrity chefs like dear Julia Childs.  With all of the delicious food that is produced every single day, a classic is still a good thing to hold on to, such as the Caesar salad. Read More

Chasing Flavors

Daily Special: Smoked Butternut Squash Soup

By Christopher Stewart | February 5, 2013

Butternut Squash Soup

With the weather being what it is, and hey it is winter time, the thoughts of finding something to eat all have to come with one word in mind: Warmth. I know for me, winter in particular can be a hard time to enjoy dining out, especially when all you really want to do is stay inside with a huge bowl of soup and keep warm. Then again, I honestly will make my way outside, layers and all, for a delicious meal. The Smoked Butternut Squash Soup with Apple Chutney and Garam Marsala at Red Rooster does just that. Read More

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Notes from LinkedIn: Eat Globally, Eat Better – Hello Vietnam!

By Marcus Samuelsson | November 1, 2012


Photo: goodmami

Originally posted on LinkedIn where I contribute weekly stories as part of their INfluencers program

Just like I am keeping my eyes on the culinary landscape of Brazil, I believe Vietnamese is another cuisine to watch. With its abundance of vegetables, minimal use of oils, and liberal application of spice, Vietnamese food is not only delicious but is also considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. The country’s better-known dishes include phò, the broth and noodle soup, bánh mì sandwiches, and gỏi cuốn, more popularly known as summer rolls. Read More

Chasing Flavors

Creating Personal Spice Blends

By Carla Williams | October 9, 2012


Photo: Alaskan Dude

Few things reflect the nitty-gritty of culinary culture like the spices cooks blend together in the privacy of their kitchens. These personalized creations are the hallmark of a cook, even as far back as medieval times when there were reported to be almost as many variations of  an intriguing blend “poudre fine,” aka fine powder, as there were cooks. I recently attended a luncheon with Anne Willan of La Varenne fame in celebration of her latest book, The Cookbook Library, which traces recipes from medieval times to the beginning of the modern era.  In addition to a delightful afternoon, I was treated to a taste of poudre fine – a blend of spices ranging from commonplace cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger to more esoteric long pepper and grains of paradise. Read More

Chasing Flavors

Chasing Flavors: Sumac

By Joseph Hernandez | September 17, 2012

chasing flavors sumac

photo by: Joseph Hernandez

In Chasing Flavors, we’ll explore the world through its spices. Much like Chef Marcus Samuelsson described in his book, we will explore the global palate, discover new tastes and demystify ingredients that are as common as cardamom and as out there as berbere

The burgundy-colored sumac is common throughout the Middle East. Sold predominantly in powder form in Greek and Middle Eastern markets, it possesses a zesty, lemony quality that makes it a favorite spice for a variety of dishes. Read More

Chasing Flavors

Speak Easy, Drink Often

By Ashley Bode | November 17, 2011

Photo: dewarsrepealday

Photo: dewarsrepealday

We all know about the speak-easy, those hidden gems that served as a hiding spot for the strong of heart during the era of Prohibition. Bartenders and barmaids kept Americans well-spirited with illegal hooch and the sounds of jazz during a time when “the man” kept fun under wraps. Where saloons once stood, new businesses opened and the bar moved underground or behind a mock-store front.

Passwords, handshakes and codes granted access to the lively scene. Hotspots were called speakeasies as it was necessary for guests to keep a low-profile upon entrance, keep quiet and “speak easy.” Beer and wine took a back seat to hard liquor which was easier to transport and hide. Women were suddenly allowed to enter as patrons and the cocktail was born when it became necessary to mix alcohol with something to make it more palatable.   Read More


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