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Morningside Park Farmers Market Opens this Month

By Christopher Stewart | May 14, 2013


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I think next to outdoor dining, my love for the farmers market is a close second place to the things that I anticipate most about the spring and summer months. It’s now that time of year when the two combine and farmers markets are starting to pop up. This month, the Morningside Park’s Down to Earth Farmers Market will begin to gather local farmers and purveyors from the tri-state area. Everything from fresh produce, meat, dairy, beverages, and even plants for your home and specialty baked goods will be available for purchase starting May 25th and running through December 7th. Farmers markets are a great way to incorporate fresh ingredients into your meals and also support hard working local farmers and artisans. Read More

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Stamp Out Hunger: A Conversation On Food, Security, Seasonality

By Tawnya Manion | January 16, 2013

Photo: Jeannette Park

Photo: Jeannette Park

Recently, I attended a panel discussion at the Natural History Museum between Marcus, Dr. Molly Jahn of the University of Madison, and activist and author Dr. Raj Patel on the topic of how climate, politics, and economics effect our food systems, and how we will feed the people on this planet in the future. According to Jahn, “There is more than one answer to why we experience famine and food insecurity around the globe.”  However, it is clear that it is not a lack of food that is the problem, but a insufficient infrastructure that leaves millions of people malnourished.

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Tis’ the Season for Snacking: Best Eats of the Holiday Markets

By Diana Tsuchida | December 12, 2012

Max Brenner

You’re braving the cold, maneuvering through the crowd and shopping for someone other than yourself (allegedly). The very least you can do is treat yourself to a little indulgence to keep your pace up amidst the holiday fever. From sweet snacks to comforting bowls of soup and crispy Italian rice balls, it’s no easy feat to narrow your culinary choices down at the three big holiday markets in Union Square, Bryant Park and Columbus Circle. But who said you can’t try them all? Though there are many, here’s a roundup of my favorite eats at the UrbanSpace markets. Read More

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Harlem Supports Harvest Home

By Jeannette Park | September 20, 2012


To support the great work of founder Maritza Owens and her farmer’s market organization Harvest Home, Harlem’s most notable restaurants gathered to taste what each has in store for Fall. Marcus was there along with Red Rooster to kick off the inaugural event and give thanks to the neighborhood. Included in the bites were the Rooster’s Teff Noodles with vegetable ragout, Dinosaur BBQ’s famous brisket sliders, zucchini and corn pinwheels from Mabel’s, and decadent desserts courtesy of Tonnie’s and Levain, to name a few.  Read More

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Back to Basics: Tomatillo

By Joseph Hernandez | September 14, 2012


Photo: Joseph Hernandez

You’ve seen them at the market: those green, unripe tomatoes with a papery coat of a husk. Unless you’re familiar with Latin cooking, these firm, palm-sized fruits are almost alien, one or two relatives removed from the heirloom tomatoes just a few bins over. What is it? The fruit in question is the tomatillo, a staple in Mexican and Latin kitchens. But what is it? Read More

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No Jerking Around: Jamaican Classics Served Straight Up in Harlem

By Joseph Hernandez | September 11, 2012

Damian Perrin

Damian Perrin serving up jerk chicken at Harlem’s Fresh Connect Farmer’s Market

All Damian Perrin wanted was good jerk chicken in New York City.

For a city as international, eclectic and electric as NYC, its Jamaican offerings didn’t hold up to Perrin’s standards. He is, after all, Jamaican born and raised, whose father worked in the country’s top hotel and his mom–as moms tend to be–was a whiz in the kitchen. Jamaican cooking is in his lifeblood. Read More


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