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Get Active!

By Tawnya Manion | April 25, 2013

healthy living, exercise, activity

Despite the well-established fact that regular participation in moderate physical activity can reduce the risk of developing a variety of illnesses and trim the waistline, most Americans remain seated an average of 7 hours a day. Inactivity can lead to such deadly ailments has diabetes, heart disease and obesity. According to James A. Levine, Md.D., PhD. of the Mayo Clinic, “Our bodies are breaking down from obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, depression, and the cascade of health ills that come from what scientist have named the sitting disease.” He goes on to say, “Every two hours spent sitting reduces blood flow and lowers blood sugar, increasing the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease”. To not fall victim to the “sitting disease”, add the following tips to your daily routine. Read More

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Vitamin D Supplements May Reduce Blood Pressure

By Carla F. Williams | April 22, 2013

vitamins, hypertension, african americans
vitamins, hypertension, african americans

Vitamin D a possible link to lower hypertension in African Americans? (Photo: colindunn)

The possibility that something as readily accessible as Vitamin D, aka “the Sunshine Vitamin,” might reduce blood pressure in African Americans is big news. With over 40% of all African Americans tussling with high blood pressure, Blacks have significantly higher rates of hypertension than other US populations along with lower levels of circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D (vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol). A possible precursor to coronary artery disease (i.e. heart disease, stroke, heart failure, and peripheral vascular disease or hardening of the arteries in the legs and feet), hypertension poses a clear public-health threat to the Black community. To date, there has been no definitive reason identified for the potentially life-threatening health disparity posed by this high level of hypertension. However, recent research presented in the American Heart Association’s journal, Hypertension, suggests that Vitamin D deficiency might play a specific role in the “mechanics” of hypertension among Blacks. Read More

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Eat Healthy On A Budget

By Tawnya Manion | April 18, 2013

healthy eating, budget eating
Photo: Angelita

Photo: Angelita

If you have been employing cost as an excuse to eat high fat prepared or processed foods, you can kiss that excuse goodbye. With proper planning, purchasing and a little creativity, you too can eat healthy on a budget. There’s no need to forgo flavor, nutrients or quality when shopping on a shoestring. It’s easy to find tasty, nutritious foods for a price that doesn’t break the bank. You just need a little advise on what to do to keep your grocery bill low. So, follow these tested tips to eating healthy on a small financial plan.

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Health Challenge to Promote Self-Esteem and Confidence in Girls

By Justine Ma | April 17, 2013

sports bra challenge, union square, health

Last year I was walking around Union Square Park in my sports bra… and I wasn’t alone. Together, we were 200 shirtless men and women supporting The S.E.A.K. Foundation’s Annual Sports Bra Challenge—an event that promotes confidence, boosts self-esteem, and funds year-round programming to support young teens who struggle with various social issues, including but not limited to, bullying and obesity. Read More

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Can A Healthy Diet Prevent Cancer?

By Tawnya Manion | April 16, 2013

spring vegetables
Photo: Karimian

Photo: Karimian

The National Cancer Institute believes that up to one-third of cancers are the result of a poor diet, and are preventable. More likely than not, malignancy has affected you, a friend or a family member’s life. While the big C can leave us feeling defenseless, there are measures you can take to prevent the malady.

First-and-foremost eating a diet high in antioxidants, along with lifestyle changes, and early detection can prevent you from developing the disease, or even worse, becoming a victim of it. To build a healthy life-style and prevent yourself from developing preventable ailments add these four tips to your daily routine.

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Spring Clean Your Diet

By Tawnya Manion | March 27, 2013

Photo: Andy Field

Spring has sprung across the northern hemisphere, and with longer days and warmer weather, there’s no time like the present to clean up dirty eating habits. A common practice of cleansing the body consists of a plan that uses cleansing teas, such as dandelion or milk thistle, or fasting for several days to detox the system. Scientifically, fasts are not proven to rid the body of built up toxins, and obsessively restrictive diets can leave the body depleted, weaken the metabolism, and even cause gallbladder stones. Read More

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What To Eat Before and After A Workout

By Tawnya Manion | March 21, 2013

Photo: jonnygrip

Consuming the proper foods before and after a workout can increase the burn of energy, build strong muscles, and aid recovery from the wear and tear put on the body. Additionally, if you eat applicable foods pre- and post-sweat session, your blood sugar level maintains a more stable balance throughout the day and the immune system gets an extra boost from the blood that circulates out from the heart. Read More

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Add More Vegetables To Your Diet

By Tawnya Manion | March 14, 2013

Photo: Suzies Farm

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic’s Journal of Research most adults in the United States need to increase their vegetable intake to reach the recommended amount of five servings a day. The biggest problem with adding more plants to the diet is that most people prefer the starches and meats on their plates to the colorful vegetables.  However, consuming a plant-based diet works in our favor for a number of reasons. Read More

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Can Diet Alone Cut the Risk for Heart Disease?

By Kendall Kish | March 8, 2013


An interesting study reported on by the New York Times reveals solid evidence that a Mediterranean Diet can reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and death from heart disease. People that are considered at “high risk” for heart disease can cut their chances by 30 percent if they follow a diet rich in olive oil, nuts, beans, fish, fruit, vegetables…and even a daily glass of wine. Read More


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