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By Mac Malikowski | April 12, 2013

fettucine with spring asparagus
Chef_Sylva_Senat_Cancer_free_dieting_Fettuccine _with_Asparagus

Chef Sylva Senat, Cancer-free dieting, Fettuccine and Asparagus

After an early glimpse into the Spring to come, this week we looked at some of our favorite seasonal recipes, starring green classics like asparagus and peas. We caught up with Aquavit alum Sylva Senat about his numerous nominations this year and worked through some ways to keep our bodies cancer free and how to reduce our food waste. Read More

NewsYes Chef


By | April 1, 2013

Yes Chef

…the launch of “Yes, Chef” in paperback on May 21st!

yes chef paperback

With recognition and nominations from the James Beard Foundation Book Awards for Best Writing and Literature 2013 and the International Association of Culinary Professionals in the Literary Food Writing Category, we on the staff of couldn’t be prouder of our Chef and boss.

Book tour dates and events coming soon, and you can pre-order your paperback copy of “Yes, Chef now.

For more on ‘Yes, Chef':


Uptown Brasserie and Street Food at JFK

By | March 6, 2013

Marcus Peppers

Photo: Monika Sziladi

Terminal 4 at Kennedy International Airport just got a little tastier. Opening Fall 2013, we’re happy to announce the opening of Uptown Brasserie and Street Food by Marcus Samuelsson. A new food and beverage program with elevated dining options at the most important airport in the world, we’re proud to join Danny Meyer and Nancy Silverton (among others) to help provide an unparalleled dining experience to the 11 million travelers flying in and out of JFK and the expected 15 million travelers by 2014. Read More


From Huffington Post: Diversity, Determination and Dedication in the Kitchen

By Marcus Samuelsson | February 22, 2013

Marcus James Beard

This was first published on Huffington Post on February 21, 2013.

It’s not uncommon that people will ask me which black chefs I admire—that answer is easy. Patrick Clark, the venerated chef of New York’s Odeon and Tavern on the Green; Sylvia Woods, my Red Rooster neighbor who was and still is a part of this Harlem community for over 50 years; Edna Lewis, the South’s answer to Julia Child; and Leah Chase, my mentor and New Orleans great who inspires everything from Disney movies to Treme. I know I stand on these chef’s shoulders and I can continue their path to inspire and aspire young black chefs. Read More


$165 Billion in Food Waste: What Can You Do?

By Carla F. Williams | January 29, 2013

Photo Courtesy of ABC News

Photo Courtesy of ABC News

In a recent appearance on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, Marcus was sent to New Jersey to help a family reduce their kitchen waste. According to the report, the average American is tossing away nearly $190/month in uneaten food. That’s close to $2,400/year that we’re throwing away – hard to stomach when so many people are going hungry and our own budgets are tight. It may seem like a never-ending battle, but it’s a battle worth winning financially and from the standpoint of managing our carbon footprints. Read More


Out with the Old, In with the New-stitutions

By Ashley Beck | January 14, 2013

Photo: Andi Fisher

My first visit to London was over the holidays, and it was nostalgic bliss. I could immediately feel the history amongst the cobbled streets, and ancient stone buildings (not to mention the grandeur of Buckingham Palace). On our last night we dined at Rules, a London institution that was established in 1798, and is the oldest restaurant in the city. From the food, to the décor, to the service, we felt like royalty. I could feel the history in each room… Edward, Prince of Wales being ruled by “cheese and chat” in the bar by Lily Langtry, while Charlie Chaplin and Charles Dickens entertain their guests with drinks, fine fare, and copious cups of tea. Despite the antiquity of it all, the drinks and food screamed fresh and flavorful, using only what was in season, as well as locally hunted and grown. Rules had an excitement to it with 200 years of history to back it up. Read More


Marcus Samuelsson LIVE from the New York Public Library

By Emelyn Rude | December 11, 2012

Marcus, Paul at the NYPL

Photo: Jori Klein/The New York Public Library

“My first language wasn’t English, it wasn’t Swedish, it was cooking,” explained Marcus Samuelsson to a crowd of over 250 at the New York Public Library last night. In conversation with the NYPL’s director of programs Paul Holdengräber, Marcus detailed how much of his life and success can be attributed simply to his passion for in the kitchen.

Read More


A New Season at the Studio Museum Harlem

By Emelyn Rude | December 3, 2012

Studio Museum - perFOREmance

The Fall/Winter season is underway at the Studio Museum, and the Harlem landmark’s new exhibitions are most certainly not to be missed. Boldly greeting visitors as they enter the gallery space is Fore, the fourth in the Museum’s series highlighting emerging artists of African descent. Covering two floors, the exhibition features various captivating works, such as the vibrant and thought-provoking photographs of Brooklyn-based Narcissister, the gold-leaf embossed still-lifes of the West Coast artist Noah Davis, and the disconcertingly organic sculptures of New York’s Kevin Beasley. Read More


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