Recipe Roundup

Recipe Roundup

7 Frozen Treats to Try This Weekend

By Mac Malikowski | May 3, 2013

Blackberry Ice Cream
Ice Cream_Gelato_Sorbet

From Left: Vanilla Gelato, Acai Sorbet, Chocolate Banana, Vegan Blackberry.

I like eating ice cream in the springtime, before the heat of summer turns my favorite dessert into a cooling means of survival. I use the term loosely when more than a number of cold, sweet and refreshing confections satisfy my craving.  Dairy-free? Bring it on. Double-churned? Even better. Read More

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Beef and America (Plus Recipes)

By Mac Malikowski | April 30, 2013


Beef Recipes

Evident in the earliest known cave paintings and celebrated on blogs and in restaurants, humans have had a nearly 10,000-year relationship with beef. From the highly coveted wagyu of Japan, to Halal and Kosher dishes alike (and all those grass-fed burgers in between), beef is one of the most universal proteins around. Beef has a particularly interesting history in the United States and illustrates the cultural and economic draw that meat had on our country. According to a report on, in the 1840’s, cattle grazing lands were at a significant proximity to cities, often within them. The access and affordability of meat at the time was shocking to new Americans as we see from letters written from early Irish immigrants, astonished at how much meat they were able to consume. Read More

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Pasta, Family Style

By Ashley Beck | April 29, 2013

pasta, family dinner
pasta, family dinner

Pasta nights can be had every day of the week.

I grew up eating family style. Whether at a restaurant or at home, forks were stabbed here, spoons scooped there and knives split the last roll. That way everyone got a taste. That way we were constantly engaged in the  dance of a meal. That’s why after working at Tre, an Italian restaurant in the Lower East Side, (for 3 years) I came to find the family meal (the meal served to the staff before service) was always my favorite part of the day. I looked forward to that big bowl of pasta and was always amazed at how the chef was able to toss that much in one pan. As everyone ate we would tell stories from the night before between perfectly al dente bites of rigatoni carbonara, or spaghetti bolognese. It was the calm before the storm. A time we could get out any of our last minute frustrations, and a time to strengthen the family bonds that made that restaurant ship sail so smoothly every night. Read More

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What to Eat After a Heavy Night of Drinking

By Kendall Kish | April 26, 2013


We’ve all been there before. You wake up on Sunday (or Monday or Tuesday–this is a judgement-free zone) after a night of one-too-many adult libations, and you swear to never drink alcohol again. Then Thursday comes around – you indulge in happy hour after work, happy hour turns into late-night, you’ve forgotten to eat dinner, and now it’s Friday morning. You have to get up for work but your head is pounding and your stomach feels like it’s full of battery acid. Bookmark this page, because you know this scenario all too well, and we have the best meal plan to get you through your day without having to rely on Chinese take out. Read More

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Happy Hour: A Slideshow to Make that After-Work Drink Decision a Little Bit Easier

By Ashley Beck | April 19, 2013

Lavender Cocktail

We all know when Friday afternoon rolls around that the last thing you want to do is make finding that perfect happy hour cocktail difficult. These visuals are here to help! Whether it’s to give you some ideas, get you excited for what’s to come, or help pass the time until that “work is over” o’clock finally arrives. Whether you’re a martini drinker, margarita sipper or looking for something with a twist, there is a cocktail here to tickle your taste buds. So take a look…go ahead!…let the happiest of hours start a little bit early. Read More

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10 Side Dishes to Make This Weekend

By Christopher Stewart | April 18, 2013


If finding something to make for dinner is hard, finding a side dish to accompany the main component is even harder. Once you come to the realization of what to cook for dinner, the joy comes to a pause when a side dish is also needed. A plain vegetable or simple mashed potatoes sometimes just doesn’t cut it when you want something amazing to shake off the stress of everyday life. A great meal can put you in a even greater mood, so this weekend delight your palate with these 10 amazing side dishes. Read More

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Curry Recipe Ideas For Dinner Tonight and Lunch Tomorrow

By Ashley Beck | April 17, 2013

Photos clockwise from top left: Sweet Potato Curry with Chicken and Bacon, Thai Green Curry Shrimp, Golden Thai Curry with Green Beans, Malaysian-Style Chicken and Chickpea Curry

Photos clockwise from top left: Sweet Potato Curry with Chicken and Bacon, Thai Green Curry Shrimp, Golden Thai Curry with Green Beans, Malaysian-Style Chicken and Chickpea Curry

Curry is a great meal idea if your looking to add more flavor to your dinner repertoire. What’s more, the leftovers are even tastier and make for the perfect next day lunch. The great thing about a curry is that you can use almost any meat, vegetable and/or starch your heart desires as they are merely the texture vehicle that the spice-filled gravy can shine on. Here we have for you 11 curry recipes that span from all over the globe. From India, to Thailand, Malaysia, to Marcus’ own roots in Ethiopia. So pick a place on the map, and enjoy the flavors they have to offer tonight! Read More

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10 Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

By Christopher Stewart | April 16, 2013

Coconut Rice Pudding, Fried Banana
Coconut Rice Pudding, Fried Banana

Coconut Rice Pudding with Fried Banana (Photo: Paul Brissman)

When the craving for sweets pops up, there is nothing you can do to fight it. All you want is a sugary treat and you want it to be decadent! A cookie, a slice of cake, or even a piece of candy, satisfying your sweet tooth will only lead to happiness. But what do you make? Sometimes a warm chocolate chip cookie isn’t going to be enough. The aroma’s filling your kitchen from a cake baking in the oven, or a pan of warm bread pudding topped with vanilla gelato  is really what you are craving the most. This weekend, satisfy your sweet tooth with these 10 different dessert ideas.

Read More


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