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Select Seafood!

By Carla F. Williams | October 8, 2012

Photo courtesy dbrekke | Flickr

Photo courtesy dbrekke | Flickr

October is National Seafood Month, the time that we honor eating from the sea. American fish harvesting hit a record 17-year high last year. Despite a larger catch, the wide range of delicious varieties to choose from, and the messages on seafood’s role in supporting our health, we still aren’t making seafood our protein of choice as frequently as we should. A recent report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration revealed that the average American ate the equivalent of about 15 pounds of uncooked fish and shellfish in 2011. That translates to dining on just a little over 4.5 ounces of seafood or one lonely seafood meal per week—half of what the experts at the USDA and the American Heart Association recommend. A true seafood lover, I had to find out why seafood isn’t on our plates more frequently. Read More

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How to Build an Ethnic Pantry: Halal

By Justin Chan | July 17, 2012

Photo: Matthew Mendoza

Photo: Matthew Mendoza

Hidden between two stores on 74th Street and Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights is a halal market that carries a number of products that attract Muslim customers daily. The place seems sparse at first look, but a close observation reveals a shelf lined with unique spices and a small fridge filled with different kinds of raw meat.

Halal food has become a mainstay in New York cuisine, and markets such as Yusuf Mohammad’s are taking advantage of its popularity. In fact, people of various backgrounds have visited his market. Mohammad, a Bangladeshi who works the store’s cash register, said that Bangladeshi, Indian, Chinese and American visitors have purchased goods, and he was more than eager to share the kinds of ingredients that should be found in every Muslim pantry: Read More

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Fashion Matrimony at the Harlem Haberdashery

By Diamond Bradley | July 9, 2012

Haberdashery and Sofistafunk Cake

Haberdashery and Sofistafunk Wedding Cake by ShaRee Amour Catering

“Sometimes. Always. Never.” Harlem Haberdashery’s Trend Specialist, Louis Johnson muttered his disappointment as he eyed my friend’s blazer with its two top buttons closed (luckily his bottom was not), a closed breast-pocket on his chest, and one of his two back vents sewn together. As the man who maintains wardrobe in the newly opened boutique in Harlem, Mr. Johnson refused to leave my friend in pieces and he was put back together quite nicely, with a pocket square neatly folded in his pocket and only the middle button fastened. Read More

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How to Build an Ethnic Pantry: Chinese

By Justin Chan | July 5, 2012

Photo: Jan Zeschky

Photo: Jan Zeschky

Chinese cuisine has become a huge part of American culture. Nearly every city and town across the country has a restaurant dedicated to serving Chinese food, and it seems as if the average American can’t get enough of it. In fact, Chinese food has become so popular that many non-Chinese have tried to imitate it, but few have successfully replicated it. Chinese chefs often stress that preparation is key, but what may be even more important is the selection of ingredients. Read More

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How to Build an Ethnic Pantry: Latin American

By Justin Chan | June 8, 2012

Photo: Julien H

Photo: Julien H


To celebrate the many different types of cuisines around the world, we’ve created a mini-series, “How to Build an Ethnic Pantry,” that offers some advice on the kinds of ingredients every cook should have when they make a particular cultural dish. We also asked grocery store owners and chefs for suggestions and what they think makes their food unique. Check out what ingredients fill Latin American kitchens throughout the world…

Interested in making Latin American cuisine but don’t know what ingredients you need?

Don’t worry! The folks at Mi Tierra Supermarket in Jackson Heights were kind enough to share some knowledge this week. Located on 85th Street and Roosevelt Avenue as well as on Northern Blvd and 81st Street, Mi Tierra is the hub of Latin American grocery shopping. The market spans half of a block and caters to a predominately Mexican customer base. But all other Latin Americans also visit the store regularly and navigate through the long line of shelves in order to get the products they need to whip up a tasty traditional dish.

Ericka Ramirez and Jackie Hernandez, sales counter associates at Mi Tierra, offered some insight into what every aspiring Latin-American-loving chef should have in his or her pantry Read More

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Back to the Roots Reveals How to Grow Oyster Mushrooms

By Allana Mortell | May 31, 2012

Back To The Roots Mushroom Kit

Back To The Roots Mushroom Kit

Sitting in a lecture hall at UC Berkley with semester of college left, students Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora were on the fast track to graduation, a bright future ahead of them in the corporate world of investment banking and consulting. During class, their professor mentioned how it was possible to grow mushrooms from old coffee grounds and suddenly : Boom!- an idea had sparked.

The thought of turning waste (hundreds of pounds of recycled coffee grounds) into food (delicious, home-grown oyster mushrooms) was extremely intriguing to Velez and Arora and within weeks, their idea was swiftly put into action in the kitchen of Alex’s fraternity house. After six months of trial and error, their attempt of creating mushrooms from recycled coffee grounds was a success. Read More

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How to Build an Ethnic Pantry: Moroccan

By Justin Chan | May 24, 2012

Photo: Paul Goyette

Photo: Paul Goyette

To celebrate the many different types of cuisines around the world, we’ve created a mini-series, “How to Build an Ethnic Pantry,” that offers some advice on the kinds of ingredients every cook should have when they make a particular cultural dish. We also asked grocery store owners and chefs for suggestions and what they think makes their food unique. Check out our first entry below.

Moroccan cuisine may possibly be the most diverse in North Africa. It draws mainly from Berber, Moorish and Arab influences and makes heavy use of Mediterranean spices. Luckily for New Yorkers, there are tons of Moroccan restaurants in the city that locals can visit. One of them is Barbes Restaurant, located at East 36th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues. According to its site, the eatery is named after a popular Paris neighborhood close to the end of Sacre-Coeur, otherwise known as the “little piece of North Africa.” It should come as no surprise to first-time patrons, then, that Barbes’ menu is a combination of Parisian and North African foods.  Read More

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What to Buy: 5 Summer Kitchen Tools

By Marcus Samuelsson | May 24, 2012


I’m looking forward to the summer and getting to cook outside more with all this warm weather headed our way. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy some of the best seasonal produce available. Not only is it time for me to get out my favorite summer recipes, but also those summer kitchen tools to help with my go-to summer dishes. Here’s a list of my must-have summertime kitchen gearDescription: http://stg.marcuspopfood.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gifRead More

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Perfect Picnic Picks From Your Farmers Market

By Melania Gasbarrino | April 30, 2012

Photo: Alex Lang

Photo: Alex Lang

Spring is a time for lounging around, getting your garden ready and picnicking in the park. Planning the perfect picnic is one of the loveliest things to do during the spring as with the cold winter days behind us, and long summer days ahead we all want to spend as much time outside as possible.

One of the easiest ways to plan the perfect picnic in the park is to stroll on through the Farmer’s Market, select some of the freshest fruits and vegetables available and take to your kitchen to create a few masterpieces. Of course many stick to the traditional picnicking basics of a creamy potato salad, peanut butter sandwiches, and cheese, grapes and wine, but why not expand your horizons to enjoy the fruits and vegetables harvested by local farmers? Think of this as a time to explore all the sweet spring flavors out there, all the while keeping localism in mind.

When fruits and vegetables are in season, you of course want to get your hands on them. These are just a few quick recipes you can create using fresh, locally in season fruits and vegetables that you can find in your local farmers market.

Here are a few fresh farmers market picks that can spice up your spring picnic: Read More


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