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Fashion a Cocktail: Richard Chai

By Joseph Hernandez | September 6, 2012

chai cocktail board 2

It’s not a stretch to imagine the fashion designers enjoying a tipple or two after unveiling their latest collection during New York Fashion Week. In fact, it’s almost de rigueur: those Hollywood scenes of stylish parties, with bright young things clinking glasses didn’t come from just anywhere. With that in mind, we’ve decided to feature some of the week’s talent by not only giving a breakdown of their aesthetic and fashion sense, but also pairing them with a cocktail that would suit their persona. Read More

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From Candyman to Caterer to Chef: Chronicles of a Young Chef (Part One)

By Kwame Onwuachi | August 23, 2012


In this series, Kwame Onwuachi discusses how he went from living in Nigeria as a child to finding his passion as a chef and entrepreneur. 

What is life without passion?  Frankly, I didn’t even care until recently when “food saved my life.” I join many chefs in owning that phrase, but in my case, that phrase means overcoming the struggles of poverty, finding my identity, developing an entrepreneurial mind, and seeing—for the first time—my dreams becoming reality. Meeting Chef Marcus Samuelsson was one of these dreams. But before I tell you how that happened, you need to know the story of my journey in becoming a chef. Read More

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From Candyman to Caterer to Chef: Chronicles of a Young Chef (Part Two)

By Kwame Onwuachi | August 23, 2012


This is the second in a series by Kwame Onwuachi chronicling his story about finding his passion as a young chef. To read Part One, click here.

I went to college for Business Administration because that was the right thing to do, not because I loved it. When you decide to do something because it’s the right thing to do, at least in my case, you end up feeling like you are wasting time and money. So, I left The University of Bridgeport with a lot of student loans after two years. I needed a change of scenery and my mother had recently moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, so I decided that I’d give it a try. Read More

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Hamptons Hospitality: Chef James Carpenter of The Living Room

By Diana Tsuchida | August 13, 2012

James Carpenter of Maidstone

James Carpenter of Maidstone

Sitting down with Chef James Carpenter is a delightful mid-morning interlude before what is sure to be a sweltering afternoon ahead. He treats me to a glimpse (metaphorically, unfortunately) of his enviable gig at the  boutique hotel c/o Maidstone in East Hampton where he plays executive chef at The Living Room, a restaurant flush with Scandanavian flair in architecture, decor and food. Read More

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Who to Know: Jordan Fessehaie, a 15-year-old Phenom

By Marcus Samuelsson | July 24, 2012

Yes Chef signing

About a month ago, I received this e-mail from a young teen and aspiring chef:

Congratulations on your book! I already asked my mom to get it for me when it comes out later this month. I am 15 years old and, as my business card states, a Future Executive Chef. I am African and African-American and I hope to embrace my African culture more and more through food. I have mentored with Chef Janine Falvo at Briza Restaurant at the Marriott Renaissance Atlanta since last year. I have such BIG goals. I live a life of service and plan to perform service on every continent before I graduate from high school in 2014, prayerfully as a Gates Millennium Scholar. I leave for Australia next week and plan to volunteer in Africa next summer, maybe even with Chefs for Humanity. Read More

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From Pastry to “Poetik” Designs

By Diamond Bradley | July 24, 2012


Nicklaus Jones, Founder of Poetik Designs

At first glance, one does not see a former pastry chef clothed in a blue blazer, loafers and bowtie.  But, that’s who you’re looking at.

Mr. Nicklaus Jones, Mississippi native and founder of graphic apparel line Poetik Designs remembers the days of being on the line at four-star NYC restaurant Le Cirque, where he’d left after one year for two main reasons.  One, the chef’s uniform didn’t allow him to show his individuality in his dress, and two, it just wasn’t what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Mr. Jones, a vegetarian, left Le Cirque after a year to focus on his passion.  He wants to make Read More

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What to Watch: An Ethiopian Love

By Marcus Samuelsson | July 23, 2012

Still shot of Helen Gedlu in "An Ethiopian Love"

Still shot of Helen Gedlu in “An Ethiopian Love”

After my demo and dinner in Seattle with Tom Douglas, I was stopped by these two guys waiting for me in the lobby of the Palace Ballroom. I don’t know how long they had been waiting or how they found out I’d be there, but these two young kids were standing there with a laptop and a couple of T-shirts with the words I AM ETHIOPIA written on them. Of course I stopped to see what they wanted. Read More

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Fighting for Red Hook’s Food Vendors: An Interview with Cesar Fuentes

By Justin Chan | July 12, 2012

Red Hook Food Vendor

Red Hook street vendor

Although Hispanics constitute the smallest demographic in Brooklyn’s Red Hook, one area of the neighborhood has been home to a significant number of Latin American food vendors. Since 1974, these vendors have served athletes and pedestrians who gather at the Red Hook Ball Fields, earning the vendors the nickname, “Ballfield Vendors.” Read More

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Kids Yield Crops: In the Garden with Harlem Grown

By Emma Laperruque | July 12, 2012

Harlem Success Garden

Harlem Success Garden

Only two years ago, the lot across the street from P.S. 175 in Harlem was desolate: an abandoned community garden overflowing with trash, rats, and weeds. Thanks largely to the elementary school students next door, the space is a garden once more as it overflows with everything from cucumbers and melons to birds and worms, not to mention a ton of fresh basil.

The restoration all started with Tony Hillery, a man who originally came to P.S. 175 to assist the school’s parent coordinator. After spending some time in the area, though, Hillery had a revelation. Walking around the neighborhood, he counted 53 fried chicken restaurants within a three-block radius, and he began to think about the community’s access to nutritious food.

“You have pizza, fried chicken, fried fish, fried everything. I couldn’t get a healthy meal,” he said. “It was an epiphany. I said to myself: Why not do something?” Read More


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