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Vincent Alston: Creating a Palate for Life

By Diamond Bradley | June 19, 2012

Vincent Alston: Creating a Palate for Life

Black cap toes, beige pinstripe trousers, suspenders and homburgs aren’t seen nowadays, but on a Harlem street, who knows what may or may not be common?  All it takes is a stroll and you can run into a man as a phoenix of Reconstruction-era dress, not to mention a musician in an alternative rock duo named Casualty of Being.

Vincent Alston is anything but casual.  Besides his style and occupation, he takes photographs of the sun, studies ancient cultures such as the Maya and Egyptians and is a firm believer in that fast and processed food (and cable TV) is ultimately bad for you. 

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Arturo O’Farrill’s Cuban Takeover at Ginny’s

By MarcusSamuelsson.com | June 18, 2012

Photo: David Navas

Photo: David Navas

Arturo O’Farrill and his Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra takes over Ginny’s on Tuesday, June 19th, and Food Republic writer (and Cubaphile) Judy Cantor-Navas took some time to meet the man whose talent stretches far beyond music. The son of legendary composer and bandleader Chico O’Farrill, Arturo grew up dining with the likes of Dizzy Gillespie, Count Basie and Jon Hendricks in his home. Before heading up to Ginny’s to hear him premiere his newest suite, The Offense of the Drum, read what this Grammy award-winning musician has to say about making a mess in the kitchen. Click here to read the story on Food Republic.

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Best Foods for the Best Practice: A Conversation with Land Yoga

By Jeannette Park | June 15, 2012

Headstand Pose

There’s no escaping it now. Summer is officially around the corner and there’s still time to get into fighting shape by Independence Day. But before you think you need to literally hit the pavement running to drop a few extra pounds, consider something a little less stressful on the body and a whole lot better for your chi—yoga.

More than just a fleeting trend, yoga was founded on the aim to use meditation to attain salvation but the byproduct of practicing yoga isn’t too bad, either. Leaner arms and a toned core can happen after just a few weeks of holding a Warrior Two and repeated chatarungas. Maya Haile (AKA Mrs. Samuelsson) maintains an avid yoga practice and we can vouch for her flexibility and composure (there were a lot of held poses at the Vogue shoot for Yes, Chef).

There’s not much talk about what you should eat before and after a yoga session, but we got Lara Land of Harlem’s Land Yoga to break down the best foods to make for your very best practice.  Read More

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Landscapes Through a Lens: An Interview with Photographer Lauree Feldman

By Justin Chan | June 12, 2012

Photo: Justin Chan

Photo: Justin Chan

Located at the corner of West 129th Street and Lenox Avenue is a small specialty coffee house that serves rich coffee, an assortment of pastries and bagels. The shop has a rustic feel: The entire floor is covered with dark mahogany-colored wooden planks. The brown tin ceiling adds to the space’s antiquated décor, but the photos on one sidewall represents a contrast to the coffee house’s old world theme.

The works are part of FutureSelf, an exhibit by Lauree Feldman, a photographer who holds a contract with Getty Images and has an office in Harlem. Feldman first began her career as a technical animation photographer and later made the transition to stock photography. Her journey to Asia eventually led to her production of “Eye on Asia,” an exhibition of black and white silver bromide prints that chronicle her travels.

Her images stir emotions from her viewers and the minute we saw them displayed at Lenox Coffee, we knew we had to speak with her. Check out her incredible story as a photographer and how she uses her lens to view the world… Read More

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Southern Comfort: A Chat with Hill Country’s Ash Fulk

By Diana Tsuchida | June 11, 2012

Ash Fulk of Hill Country Chicken

Ash Fulk of Hill Country Barbecue

You may remember Ash Fulk from his days as the bow tie wearing contestant on Top Chef Las Vegas. Or perhaps you’ve had the pleasure of devouring some of his culinary handiwork at Hill Country Barbecue in New York’s Flatiron district, where customers often clamor for a taste of their famed ribs and moist brisket. A Californian by birth, the vibrant Chef de Cuisine oozes passion about his craft and proclaims he was actually raised a Southerner; fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy was his requested meal every single birthday. He also harbors fond memories of eating fresh corn from his mother’s garden. These simple and nostalgic food experiences would inevitably shape his culinary approach and zeal for feeding others.

As his technique advanced, he made his way from one coast to the other in his pursuit of doing what he loved most: cooking comfort food with elegant flair. Read More

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Combining Cultures and Passions: An Interview with Red Rooster Chef Rory Young

By Cyndi Amaya | June 7, 2012

Chef Rory Young

Many people often say that the one thing that can unite different cultures, even if the location, language, or customs vastly differ, is food. Clearly, every person eats and many cultures tend to have similar strong connections with food, even if the ingredients are different.

Similarly, most individuals have numerous passions in life, but it’s rare to see a seamless combination of them or transition from one to another. One exception, of course, can be between different arts since the common thread between all forms of art is creativity.

One particular chef at Red Rooster, Rory Young, has learned just how to combine not only cultures but also passions in life. Coming from a different culture than he was raised in, and having experienced different careers, Rory has now learned how to adapt to different customs, cuisines, and arts. From advertising to pastry and from Central America to the Upper West Side, Chef Rory sat down with us to share his many passions… Read More

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Street Culture In Motion: Interview With Swedish Filmmaker Teddy Goitom

By Cyndi Amaya | June 6, 2012

Photo: StockTown

Photo: StockTown

It’s often said that the way to get a real grasp of a new culture is to take a look at its street culture. In a country’s streets is where you’ll most likely find its true popular culture, what interests its people, its local art, and its most genuine food. Very often, it’s from the streets where the hottest new movements come from and the first to witness a phenomenon in its original street stage are sometimes only a privileged few.

But one media company is working to change that “privileged few” concept and are drawing attention to street culture from all around the world in hopes to educate people of new countries, cultures, and arts through curated videos that anyone can view online. That company is STOCKTOWN and one of the masterminds behind STOCKTOWN.com is Swedish filmmaker Teddy Goitom.

Teddy along with other film friends and enthusiasts created STOCKTOWN, a curated video magazine for culture in motion and since its recent start has continued to grow in popularity, eliminating the boundaries and cultural walls between countries forming a worldwide community of viewers. Just recently, STOCKTOWN was proud to announce their launch of the newly renovated site and in honor of Swedish National Day today, we want to bring attention to this awesome video web site that was born on the shores of Sweden with a one-on-one interview with this Teddy Goitom himself.

Check out our interview with Teddy below and if you’re in New York today you can see STOCKTOWN in action at Show & Tell NYC, where they will screen their Stocktown X South Africa film followed by Show & Tell session of curated videos, a visit from legendary street photographer Jamel Shabazz, and various DJ performances. Click here for more details. Read More

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Amour et Macarons: Christina Ha and Simon Tung of Macaron Parlour

By Diana Tsuchida | May 30, 2012

Christina Ha and Simon Tung

Macaron Parlour's Christina Ha and Simon Tung

Behind a rainbow assortment of French confections that some people mistake as mini-hamburgers, Christina Ha and Simon Tung of the Macaron Parlour sit beneath their tent amidst the food and craft artisans gathered at the quaint Hester Street Fair. It is an unseasonably humid and sweltering Saturday, in which all but a few of their vibrant macarons are kept chilled under the table in a cooler. Yet Tung assures me that they still have full trays of every flavor ready-to-go for a much anticipated, tasty photo-op.

As I sit down with the newlyweds, it’s clear that their romantic chemistry fares well for their business. With a storefront opening this summer on St. Marks, Ha and Tung’s journey to macaron success began mostly with madness. Read More

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Bryant Terry Has A New Urban Organic Series

By Michele Wolfson | January 23, 2012

Photo: Urban Sea Star

Photo: Urban Sea Star

The amazing chef, cookbook author, and food activist, Bryant Terry is collaborating with One Economy Corporation to explore ways Americans can live healthy lives by harvesting and eating local foods. Terry visits iconic cities to showcase their methods of urban farming. The series investigates fascinating characters and their unique approaches to urban farming.

It is very difficult to be self-sufficient in a low-income urban location, so it’s inspiring that Terry is the host of a show that will focus on how to grow food in an urban setting where grocery stores and local farming is scarce. The series will feature cutting-edge chefs, urban farmers, and social innovators who are bringing urban agriculture to the low-income neighborhoods that need them most. Read More


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