Drink Day Wednesday with Elizabetta Tekeste – Green Tea Latte

By mahir | September 22, 2010

I hope you’ve enjoyed a week’s worth of chai since we communicated last. This week we’re going green!

Green Tea:

Globally, green tea is consumed more than any other tea. The least processed of all teas, the Camilla Sinensis leaves are treated to a light steaming until just before the leaves begin to ferment or change color. The leaves are then dried resulting in green loose leaf.

One Chinese legend says an old man by the name Shien Non Shei discovered the tea while out walking one day when he tasted the juices from a tea plant. He added water to it and green tea was born! Another legend suggests the drink was discovered when a blossom fell into a cup of hot water being enjoyed by Emperor Shen Nung. Whoever discovered the medicinal drink it’s safe to say we’re grateful they did!

If you don’t enjoy the taste of green tea, fear not. Exciting new blends are flooding the market making green tea accessible to everyone! But if you’re like me- you’ll enjoy making your own blends, here are a couple of mine:

Lavender Green Tea:

1 teaspoon of loose-leaf green tea

1/2 teaspoon of lavender petals

Bring a cup of water (spring water is ideal) to a boil (180F)- add herbs and let stand for 3 minutes. Strain and breathe in!

Lemon Sage Green Tea:

1 teaspoon of loose-leaf green tea

1 fresh sage leaf

1 teaspoon of fresh lemon zest

Bring a cup of water (spring water is ideal) to a boil (180F)- add herbs and let stand for 3 minutes. Strain and partake!

Green Tea Latte:

1 teaspoon of matcha

Bring a cup of milk (dairy milk or non dairy milk) to a light boil. Dissolve teaspoon of matcha in a tablespoon of hot water. Add dissolved matcha to warm milk. Add sweetener if desired and be well!

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