Top 5 Neapolitan Style Pizzas in NYC

By mahir | March 29, 2011

Within the world of pizzas, there’s a huge difference between the styles. Do you like Deep Dish, thin crust, Chicago-style, Neapolitan? If the latter is your favorite, here are the Top 5 Neapolitan Style Pizzerias in New York City.

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1. Luzzo’s: At Michele Iuliano’s pizza spot, Neapolitan pizzaiolos prepare pies with ingredients imported from Naples. Featuring one of New York’s oldest pizza ovens, Luzzo’s serves a crispy, crackling crust covered in traditional toppings. Try the anchovy and basil speckled Napoletana or the Salsiccia, a sausage and mozzarella pizza.
2. Keste Pizza and Vino: located in the West Village, Keste consistently courts a crowd of pizza lovers and curious food enthusiasts. Chef Roberto Caporuscio grew up an hour from Napoli, and Keste serves as the official United States location for Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani, which preserves Neapolitan style pizza. Check out the Pizza Del Re, a truly decadent combination of prosciutto, truffle spread, and mushrooms.
3. Motornio: Famous for charred crusts and long lines of hungry customers, Motorino operates out of both the East Village and Brooklyn. Stick with the Margherita pizza, the tomato-mozzarella-basil classic that defines Motorino as a master of technique.
4. Di Fara: Dom DeMarco’s New York pizza institution, Di Fara serves a delicious $5 slice. Although the wait can be interminable, Di Fara’s is worth a trip to Brooklyn. Serious Eats recommends that first timers stick with a plain pizza, but the artichoke option is popular, too.
5. Paulie Gee’s: A self-proclaimed “Greenpoint Pizza Joint,” Paulie Gee’s pizza tends towards the complex side of the topping spectrum. The Porkpie White involves cow’s milk mozzarella, hot sopressata, sweet Italian fennel sausage, sliced red onion, chopped garlic, and fresh basil. Less adventuresome eaters might want to start with the Brian DeParma-Italian tomatoes, Parmigiano Reggiano, and mild Aleppo chili oil.

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