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The Positive Health Benefits From Eating Vegetarian

By mahir | May 11, 2011

Vegetarianism is many things right now – to some, a gustatory deficiency, and to others, a political statement. It’s trendy, it’s healthy, and for some, it’s even possibly a lifesaver!


Vegetarian Perspectives: Is Something Really Missing?

By mahir | April 27, 2011

Vegetarian Column Most meat eaters, and even many vegetarians, see vegetarianism as a diet lacking — specifically, lacking in meat or sufficient proteins. Yes, eating vegetarian means excluding meat from one’s diet. But is something really missing?


Getting Protein As A Vegetarian

By mahir | March 9, 2011

Vegetarian Column By Marcus Samuelsson If you’re a vegetarian or considering making a dietary change in the veggie direction, getting the protein you need may seem like a challenge. Fortunately,


How To Eat Well Out As A Vegetarian

By mahir | March 2, 2011

VEGETARIAN COLUMN BY MARCUS SAMUELSSON If you’re a vegetarian out and about without food already packed from home, finding good vegetarian options for lunch or a snack might seem daunting.


Athletic Training And Vegetarianism

By mahir | February 23, 2011

Vegetarian Column By Marcus Samuelsson Many considering vegetarian diets are concerned when it comes to their muscles and athletic performance. Protein is essential to build muscle and the general misconception is that this is too hard to do without meat in your diet.


Strategies for vegetarians who want to eat well when travelling

By mahir | February 16, 2011

By Marcus Samuelsson Whether it’s enhancing your meals with spices or cooking healthier meals by eating meat-free, my recent columns about eating vegetarian have touched on eating at home.  But what do you do while travelling?  


Enhance your Vegetarian Meals with Spices

By mahir | February 10, 2011

By Marcus Samuelsson There are many ways to incorporate more vegetarian dishes into your diet. Last week I shared ways to eat better according to the US Department of Health’s Dietary Guidelines. Check out last week’s post for hearty whole-grain and vegetable combinations for filling yet low-calorie dinners. A great way to mix up the Read More


Vegetarian Eating

By mahir | January 26, 2011

There are many health benefits to eating a vegetarian meal. Forgoing meat means a meal that is


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