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Ambesssa Choco Nut Balsamic Reduction Recipe

By Ashley Beck | March 7, 2013

photo by: FoodMayhem

photo by: FoodMayhem

The rich flavors of dark chocolate, caramel, and peanuts enhance the sweet and tangy nature of balsamic when its been reduced down to a syrup-like texture. This velvety mouthfeel makes  balsamic reduction a great addition to soups, salads, lamb, and even desserts!

Here are a few dishes that this Choco Nut Balsamic Reduction would be great as an addition to a dish or a substitution for the balsamic already being used: Read More

Friday Try-day: Popovers

By Ashley Beck | February 22, 2013

photo by: stevewhitaker

photo by: stevewhitaker

A forecast of a cold and icy mix this evening has diverted me from going anywhere, and seeing how its been this way for quite awhile now especially compared to last years “would we even call it” winter, the cabin fever has started to kick in. Therefore, I’ve decided to put my excess energy to use. And with thyme and lemon in my fridge, I’ve been inspired to make popovers, lemon and thyme popovers. I thought if anything, the oven should keep the apartment warm and toasty, and the spare thyme and time I have can go toward this delicious cocktail I call The Thyme-ly Dalmatian.

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Happy Hour: The Thyme-ly Dalmatian Recipe

By Ashley Beck | February 22, 2013

photo by: Ashley Beck

During winter it’s hard to find flavors that really pop. Luckily, citrus fruits are in their prime and  grapefruit is a great way to bring life, color and zing to your wintry mix. Not to mention the health benefits of fresh grapefruit and its ability to speed up the metabolism when taken before a meal. And because it’s winter I’ve decided to add a salted caramel rim for extra comfort. The warmth of the caramel is a great way to compliment the bitterness of the grapefruit as well as the spicy, earthy lemon undertones of the black pepper and thyme simple syrup.

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Friday Try-day: Meringue Cookies Recipe

By Ashley Beck | February 15, 2013

Photo by: Ashley Beck

I was testing out a recipe for Works & Days (an online quarterly I contribute to) last weekend and it called for egg yolks only. Reluctant to throw out the whites, and not a fan of eggs on their own, I did some research to find out what else I could make with these poor, neglected whites so that they’d shine, and not be wasted. That’s when I came across one of my favorite childhood treats: Meringue cookies. As difficult as they look, with only a few ingredients, the right tools, and a lot of patience these light, crunchy, and centrally chewy cookies were a great way to give those whites the flavor, and attention they deserved. Read More

The La Louisiane Recipe

By Ashley Beck | February 15, 2013

photo by: Kenn Wilson

Cocktail making is much more like baking than cooking, measurements must be precise, and things must be done in the correct order and manner to receive the best results each time.


In the spirit of Mardi Gras, and since nobody wants a good party to end, I thought I’d choose a cocktail that originates in New Orleans, and happens to be one of my favorite winter libations. I discovered it my senior year at NYU when I took Beverages 101, where tasting wine and cocktails at 9:30 in the morning was a requirement. We had a guest bartender come in and teach us the proper techniques in creating a cocktail. Then he showed us the La Louisiane, a long lost New Orleans treasure that’s sophisticated flavors gave me a whole new appreciation for cocktail making. Read More

Friday Try-day: Celery

By Ashley Beck | February 8, 2013

photos: clockwise from the left: DanielJames, Special*Dark, kaythaney, Jax House

photos: clockwise from the left: DanielJames, Special*Dark, kaythaney, Jax House


After buying a bunch of celery due to a peanut butter craving, I’m left with more than half of what I intended on using. As the week has gone by, its crunchy snap has become more of a soft bend. Instead of throwing half the bunch out, I decided to its remains as a culinary challenge. What could I transform these often bitter and fibrous stalks into that would be tasty, and save me from wasting the rest of the lot, or having to spend at the market once again. After looking at what I had in my larder, here are a few options I came up with.

And with any luck you’ll have a couple to spare for these delicious Bloody Mary’s you could be sipping this weekend.

Ethiopian Shiro Spread Recipe

By Ashley Beck | December 10, 2012

Photo: Johnny Stiletto

Shiro is an essential part of the Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine. A favorite during Lent and Ramadan, it’s often prepared with minced onions and garlic, and some regions even add ground ginger, chopped tomatoes and chili peppers to the smooth, chickpea flour-based mixture. Served with injera or this honey bread, it’s predominantly a vegan dish although some versions contain meat.

Fassoulia, Armenian Green Been Stew

By Ashley Beck | October 10, 2012

Photo by mmmyoso

Photo by mmmyoso

This recipe reminds me of coming home from church on Sunday afternoon and spending the day in the kitchen with my meins mideg (grandmother) and mideg (mother) making this stew and trying desperately to finely peel the Armenian string cheese into spider web-like strings like my grandmother’s experienced hands would do.

Due to the extreme temperatures and mountainous topography of the Republic of Armenia, this stew provides an excellent source of protein, vegetables, and is packed with flavor for the months that provide little to no fresh produce.

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