Jonathan Waxman’s Ale Chili

By Jonathan Waxman | February 13, 2014

(Photo by Luca Nebuloni)
(Photo by Luca Nebuloni)

(Photo by Luca Nebuloni)

On my episode of The Taste [episode seven: “Good with Beer”], I particularly loved all the contestants with their varied approaches and wonderful personalities. This is exactly why I love being a cook—it brings to a head that we’re all so different. I can’t imagine making a soup exactly the way my neighbor does. If that were true, our profession would be so boring.
One of the contestants I coached on The Taste made a chili, so I thought I would share mine.

Corn and Clam Chowder Recipe

By Marcus Samuelsson | September 6, 2013

Photo: Krista76
Photo: Krista76

Photo: Krista76

What says summer in New England more than Corn and Clam Chowder? You can almost see the ocean when you take a whiff of a fresh batch of chowder.  I love the smokiness that the bacon adds.  With so many stick to your ribs ingredients like potatoes, cream, corn and bacon, this is the kind of soup that is a meal in itself.


BLT Benedict Recipe

By Emma Haberman | March 6, 2012

BLT Benedict

Photo: Emma Haberman

If I could eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would be a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. Crispy bacon, sweet tomatoes and crunchy lettuce make a BLT ideal for any meal, but I’ve adapted it for those who don’t gravitate towards sandwiches for breakfast.

A BLT folds nicely into this version of Eggs Benedict, with lentils subbing in for lettuce to avoid sogginess. Since tomatoes aren’t quite in season, I cut them into thick slices and roasted them to enhance their sweetness. The earthy lentils nicely complement the salty bacon, and buttery, lemony Hollandaise sauce drizzled over the whole thing makes for a filling and decadent brunch. Read More


Kale Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette Recipe

By Emma Haberman | January 24, 2012

kale salad with bacon vinaigrette

Few things make me feel as instantly healthy as kale. The curly green is high in calcium and vitamins, and is a great metabolism booster. As a base for a salad, kale maintains its structure and almost never gets soggy, even when left in dressing overnight. Its unique texture and flavor lends itself perfectly a simple salad topped with creamy vinaigrette, Parmesan and a healthful poached egg.

Poaching an egg requires attention and patience, but is relatively simple. The most important steps are keeping the yolk intact, and making sure that the white completely wraps around the yolk before it sets. Pouring a dash of vinegar into the water and using the freshest eggs you can find will help the eggs keep their round shape as they boil. The salty bacon, zesty lemon and spicy shallots combine to make an easy refreshing salad that keeps well overnight for a leftover lunch. Read More


Sweet Potato Coconut Curry with Chicken and Bacon Recipe

By Marla Meridith | October 14, 2011

Sweet Potato Curry

Photo: Marla Meridith

I have been tucked away in my favorite mountain town Telluride, Colorado. After a day of hiking and taking photos of the beautiful fall foliage it is wonderful to come home this glorious curry. It is warming, soothing, and well seasoned to suit the season. You can interchangeably use pumpkin or sweet potato puree in this recipe. Which ever you prefer or have on hand would work great! As with most sauce, curry and chili recipes this tastes even better the day after cooking. When the flavors have a chance to marry a bit of magic happens. Read More


Bacon Bourbon Cocktail Recipe

By Emma Haberman | August 9, 2011

Photo: Emma Haberman

Photo: Emma Haberman

Berries and a cold drink on a porch is my idea of an ideal summer snack. This cocktail blends two of these into one icy glass…plus bacon for an extra treat. How to dispose of the rendered fat from bacon is the bacon-lover’s continual problem. I say, why get rid of it? Using the rendered fat ensures that no bacon deliciousness goes to waste. It can be used in cooking, baking, and even drinking. Read More

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