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Coconut Tea Bread Recipe

By Lindsay Hunt | December 15, 2010

Photo: Lindsay Hunt

Photo: Lindsay Hunt

Procrastination happens to everyone, but with baking, it’s difficult to quickly accomplish the delayed task.  Late last night, I turned my oven on to preheat, while searching for a quick and easy baked good for my column.  Usually I plan ahead – I bake something on the weekend to share with friends, or to bring into the office – but due to holiday fervor and general busyness, I was behind.

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Karo Syrup Pecan Pie Recipe

By Lindsay Hunt | November 24, 2010

Photo: ImoplexG

Photo: ImoplexG

For this week’s Baking Around the World installment, I didn’t have to travel far.  I’m focusing on America.  What better week than Thanksgiving week is there to feature pie, the most American dessert of all?  As a tribute to the big feast tomorrow I made two different pecan pies and had friends over to taste test.

My first pie was the Karo syrup classic recipe, with a little brown sugar added for flavor.  I tweaked it for a second version with brown butter, brown sugar, and the British sweetener Lyle’s Golden Syrup. Read More


Irish Soda Bread Recipe

By Lindsay Hunt | November 17, 2010

Photo: texascooking

I’m starting to consider myself a “kitchen traveler.”  Like armchair traveling, I visit a new part of the world from afar, except there is an additional benefit to exploring the globe via the kitchen: the food.

Three years ago, I was lucky to travel in Ireland.  I visited Dublin and the striking west coast near Galway.  The beauty of the lush rolling hills, bountiful sheep and craggy cliffs has stuck with me and I often feel a yearning for a country I barely know.

I returned for a few days this week, with a hearty Irish Soda Bread recipe that is perfect for breakfast or tea.  The whole-grain loaf tasted nutty and authentic. Although it was my first try, for a bit I felt like I was in the verdant countryside.

In America, this baked loaf is commonly associated with sweetness, but this version, truer to tradition, is low in sugar and packed with healthy grains.  The sweet, raisin-studded loaf called Irish Soda Bread in the United States is actually called “Spotted Dog” or “Spotted Dick” in Ireland.

Irish Soda Bread gets its name and its lift from baking soda, not yeast, which makes it a “quick bread.”  Don’t be surprised if you break open your steaming loaf and see a green tinge.  When one of the antioxidants in sunflower seeds, flavanoids, mix with an alkali, the baking soda in the recipe they turn yellow.  Another antioxidant, anthocyanin, reacts by turning blue.  These two together give you the green tinge.

I enjoyed this loaf immediately from the oven, steaming and slathered with butter and dark berry jam.  As I closed my eyes sipped a mug of black tea, I was almost in Ireland.

From Greg Patent’s A Baker’s Odyssey


Aromatic Festive Bread Recipe

By Lindsay Hunt | November 10, 2010

Photo: Lindsay Hunt

Photo: Lindsay Hunt

I’m happy to announce our new Baking Around the Globe column written by Lindsay Hunt, here at  She will be sharing her experiences learning how to bake from different countries in a weekly column.

During high school, Lindsay spent a year in Rennes, France, where she developed a deep love for crusty French baguettes and flaky croissants.

Now, Lindsay lives in New York City.  Baking is a great way to travel via the kitchen, and she looks forward to sharing her favorite recipes from many countries.  In this column she’ll explore baking from around the world, from desserts to traditional breads.  Each week she will publish a recipe from a new country, with baking tips and photos for you get a taste of baking from around the globe at home.

Read her first column:

Photo: Lindsay Hunt

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