The Green Giant

By Lauren Von Der Pool | March 11, 2014

(Photo by Robert Carboneau)
(Photo by Robert Carboneau)

(Photo by Robert Carboneau)

Broccoli is a cool-season crop that, like spinach, can be grown in the spring or fall. Broccoli is a chlorophyll-based vegetable that is a part of the cabbage family. It’s loaded with tons of vitamins and minerals, which oxygenate and nourish the body down to the cellular level. In fact, broccoli juice contains two-thirds more vitamin C than cooked broccoli. It also has significant amounts of vitamin A and calcium.

Asparagus and Broccoli Rabe Over Polenta Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | May 24, 2012

asparagus and broccoli rabe over polenta

Some people’s happiness tends to hinge on asparagus season and while you could purchase asparagus out of season, you sometimes get shunned for things like that here.  Yet when that first locally grown asparagus finally decides to show its ruddy little face at the grocery store or farmer’s market it is advisable to buy it in bulk and find opportunities to creatively experiment with it.

Those first batches, especially, which are sweet and young, need nothing more than a quick roast in the oven.  Or to be tossed with broccoli rabe and chickpeas and a dash of lemon juice, all of which is then thrown over some polenta, as is done here.  Quick, simple and for the lemon lovers out there – utterly delicious.


Maple-Miso Glazed Tofu with Broccoli and Winter Squash Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | October 24, 2011

Photo: Joanne Bruno

Photo: Joanne Bruno

Sometimes I find myself baking cupcakes when it should be dinnertime.  Then, all of a sudden it’s 7:30pm and my mind is weighing the pros and cons of eating an entire batch of swiss meringue butter cream while my stomach is begging for something (anything!) that doesn’t contain four sticks of butter.

It’s at times like these that you just have to compromise with yourself.  Go the sweet-and-salty route.  And I am not talking salted caramel here. Rather, smothering your favorite protein with a maple-miso glaze and then stir frying it with some broccoli and winter squash. Sweet and salty, healthy heaven in a bowlRead More


Ten Minute Broccoli Soup Recipe

By Aine Carlin | October 10, 2011

Photo: Aine Carlin

Photo: Aine Carlin

Broccoli is one of those vegetables you associate with childhood. Most kids hate it, turn their noses up and push it to the one side but not me. I’ve come to the conclusion I was a rather strange child – when everyone else was into New Kids On The Block I was listening to Neil Sedaka, Elvis Costello, and Sam Cooke. Strangely, I also happened to love broccoli. It was my absolute favorite part of Sunday dinner.

Read More


Three Greens and Cheese Omelet Recipe

By Lindsay Hunt | July 6, 2011

Photo: Lindsay Hunt

Photo: Lindsay Hunt

When summer finally arrives, it’s hard to ignore the season’s harbingers.  This includes but is not limited to: over air-conditioned indoor spaces, steaming subway platforms and streets, and the most dreaded of all: bathing suit season. Luckily, the negatives of summer make for positive solutions.  I end up eating more salads and smoothies; and I exercise more. When the weekend comes, however, those well-intentioned plans can get derailed. (Brunch around the corner with a basket of pastries? Yes, please!) This summer I plan to have none of that, and to make it through each Saturday and Sunday with a healthy brunch without a side of guilt. Read More

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