Brussels sprouts

Linguine with Brussels Sprouts Recipe

By Ashley Bode | May 24, 2012

linguine with brussels sprouts

These little spring and early summer vegetables add a healthy pizazz to a refreshing buerre blanc over linguine. Low in calories and high in nearly every vitamin, use this superfood to build this pasta dish into a fantastic weeknight dinner.


Garlic and Chili Brussels Sprouts Recipe

By Cyndi Amaya | April 2, 2012

Photo: Tammy Gordon

It’s definitely hard trying to get everyone to eat their vegetables, not only kids. Sometimes even adults can be reluctant to get their recommended daily intake of vegetables especially if those vegetables are infamous for being an acquired taste, like the Brussels sprout. To me, this veggie gets such a bad rep without much reason. When cooked properly, Brussels sprouts create a caramelized sweetness that could make anyone fall in love. Add a spicy element to it and you’ve got a perfect combination of sweet, salty, and spicy that can transform anyone’s previous distaste of this superfood.

This Garlic and Chili Brussels Sprouts recipe is my way of making my family fall in love with this mini green veggie. Just barely blanched and then sauteed in spice and garlic make it the perfect side dish to any meal. For some added flavor, sautee some bacon or Pancetta along with the chili; but since it’s Meatless Monday, we don’t need to try to fix something that’s not broken!

With so many nutritional benefits to this spicy dish, you’ll rejoice in your newly found love of Brussels sprouts. Read More


Linguine with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Lemon Buerre Blanc Recipe

By Ashley Bode | March 13, 2012

Photo:  Rooey202

Photo: Rooey202

As we age, our taste buds change and fall in love with flavors and foods we may have despised in our younger years. We acquire a taste for harsher, complex flavors like bleu cheese, green olives, and even pungent alcohols like scotch that may have been off-putting even during young adulthood. Brussels sprouts, however, are not just an acquired love but one that yields a beneficial relationship.

Known as the dreaded green vegetable side dish by many, the truth is their tastiness and healthfulness comes out only when cooked just right. Like spinach, Brussels sprouts serve the body best when slightly cooked, allowing specific fibers unique to the spout to help with digestion, the prevention of cancer and the protection of white blood cells and DNA. Furthermore, Brussels sprouts work as a natural detoxification for the body, providing the necessary glucosinolates to strengthen the immune system and supply the ample amounts of sulfur needed to detoxify the body. Low in calories and high in nearly every vitamin, Brussels sprouts are the definition of a superfood. Read More

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