Rustic Chocolate Tart

By Marcus Samuelsson | September 23, 2015

Rustic Chcolate Tart

I always have Nutella on hand to spread on toast or croissants for a special weekend treat. I also use it as the base for this chocolaty dessert, which is gently spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, and chili powder to lend a touch of the exotic. Served with port, cognac, or rum, this is an elegant dessert for adults. But just sprinkle the top with M&Ms or other candies and it easily makes the transition to a great kids’ dessert. Rustic Chcolate Tart

My Chocolate Rum Cake with Cinnamon Whipped Cream

By Marcus Samuelsson | January 23, 2015

Photo by Alpha
Soul of a New Cuisine

Photo by Alpha

In Ethiopian tradition, there is no such thing as “dessert,” but all the pastry shops sell gorgeous frosted cakes. The grandest of them all – the chocolate cake. This recipe was inspired by those cakes I saw in the Addis Ababa shops, as well as the spice farm I visited in Zanzibar where I tasted freshly harvested canela for the first time.

Black-Bottom Peanut Pie

By Marcus Samuelsson | January 16, 2015

Photo by Roy Finamore
Marcus off Duty

Photo by Roy Finamore

This recipe is my spin on the classic Southern black-bottom pies. Ever since childhood, I’ve loved the combination of peanuts and chocolate. Once you have one slice, you won’t be able to stop.


Chocolate Bourbon Truffles

By Marcus Samuelsson | December 12, 2013



Truffles are a little bite of luxury, and, because a lot of people are intimidated by the cooking process, they make for a real treat. Invest in a candy thermometer and practice, practice, practice (I’m sure you’ll find willing guinea pigs to gobble up your experimental concoctions), and you’ll be impressing your friends with these grown-up chocolates before you know it.

Flavor Play: Quinoa & Cayenne Chocolate Bark Recipe

By Alexandra Fleischman | August 9, 2013

quinoa chocolate bark

I’ve done a lot of things with leftover quinoa, but never this. Lunch, absolutely. Breakfast, sure. But dessert? Yes. Really? Yes.

Quinoa, with its nutty, light flavor, adds a beautiful texture to melted chocolate, it turns out. Is it still healthy? Perhaps not, but its protein makes an unhealthy snack more filling, so I’ll take it.

It’s not necessary, but I made the quinoa into a brittle first, using butter, honey, and cayenne for a kick. I like my chocolate sweet, though, and this bark would be equally good with just the chocolate and the plain, cooked quinoa. I’ve also opted to fold in almonds and a bit of coconut to mine but you can leave that out.

No-Bake Brownies Recipe

By Alexandra Fleischman | June 19, 2013

Brownies_0021 copy

Brownies_0021 copyThere’s something so special about baking for someone, whether it’s a birthday girl, an under-the-weather colleague, or a boyfriend with a new promotion. Unless, that is, your oven is off limits. No oven, no stove, no brownies.

However, this week, I tried my hand at non-baked brownies. Raw desserts are fascinating to me–the creative substitutions for categorically baked dishes remind me to keep an open mind in the kitchen. This recipe surprised me as well. For a brownie made of melted chocolate, graham crackers, nuts, cocoa powder, and sweetened condensed milk (no eggs, no vanilla extract, no flour?), they do taste like the real thing. The texture is not cake like, but still nice. They’re fudgier than normal brownies, and they should be served cold.

Adapted from Faith Durand’s No-Bake Triple-Chocolate Brownies on

no bake brownies

Bacon, Dried Cherry & Milk Chocolate Bark

By Emma Laperruque | July 2, 2012

Photo: Emma Laperruque

Photo: Emma Laperruque

Two chocolate bark recipes in less than two weeks? Have I gone chocolate bark crazy? A little, maybe. To be fair, this recipe was  inspired by the first, Blueberry, Almond & Dark Chocolate Bark. After testing it at home, I brought in extras to the Marcus Samuelsson Group office, and the response was somewhere between enthusiastic and overjoyed. To my delight, people went back for seconds and thirds. (Who knew three ingredients could cause such excitement?) Read More


Yes, Chef Chocolate Molten Cake

By Marcus Samuelsson | May 9, 2012

Photo: Back to the Cutting Board

Chocolate Molten Cake

Some readers may recognize this as the winning dessert in Marcus’ Chopped All-Stars episode that won him the chance to compete in the All-Stars finale. This gooey chocolate cake with candied beets takes a bit of prep but yields tremendously indulgent results; highlighting a great accomplishment in the Yes, Chef journey.

Want more Yes, Chef recipes?

Tomato and Watermelon Salad

Corn Pancakes with Chili-Covered Gravlax

Fish Tostadas

Salsify Soup with Marinated Mushrooms

Photo courtesy of Back to the Cutting Board


Chocolate Raspberry Tart Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | May 7, 2012

chocolate raspberry tart

This tart should come with a warning: “Proceed with caution!”

Its luscious chocolate ganache filling will reel you in while the raspberry preserve center is what will keep you coming back, bite after bite; sliver after sliver.  Cutting the richness so that you never think, “Oh this is too much” and instead  are constantly leering into the pan thinking, “Well, I suppose one more can’t hurt.”

It can’t. Read More

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