By Marcus Samuelsson | January 8, 2015

Photo by Jennifer Chait
Citrus-Infused Vodka

Photo by Jennifer Chait

It wouldn’t be winter without a little aquavit to keep you warm! Here’s one of my favorite recipes for Citrus-Infused Vodka that goes well for sipping or mixed in a cocktail. It’s a perfect way to incorporate some of those seasonal citruses into your cooking.

Whiskey Sour Remix

By Jeannette Park | June 27, 2014


This punch is a play on the classic whiskey sour. It’s wonderful for entertaining, and is especially refreshing on summer nights. Tart, smooth, strong. Enjoy!

No-Cook Recipe: Preserved Lemon Cocktail

By Alexandra Fleischman | August 6, 2013

preserved lemons, no cook

Cooking is relaxing for me, as it is for so many, and jam-making has always done the trick. The patience required to make strawberry jam is like a breathing exercise in yoga–you calm down, focus, and soon enough you’re left feeling less stressed-out and a lot less tense. But recently, when I wanted to chill out over a bubbling pan of fruit and sugar, I couldn’t bring myself to do it to myself. Or to my roommate. After all, jam needs heat, and my kitchen rests at a way-above-comfortable hot.

The solution: Preserved Lemons. A staple in Moroccan flavor profiles, lemons get packed in salt, and develop a rich, interesting (and versatile) flavor. You’ll find them in tagines, but you can also add a bit of the lemon rind to pesto for a deeper flavor, or chop it up in a pasta dish or grain salad.

But to keep on relaxing, try adding a bit of the brine to a cocktail for a surprising addition of salt.

Happy Hour: Sláinte! Drink to Your Health

By Ashley Beck | March 15, 2013

photo by: Ashley Beck

Photo: Ashley Beck

The word Sláinte, a popular toast in Ireland, literally translates to “health”. With that in mind and St. Patrick’s day  coming up on Sunday, I thought I’d provide you with a green drink that did not involve beer or green food coloring, and even contains a super food ingredient that will leave you feeling refreshed, healthy, and oh so happy! (which may also be a result of the whiskey that’s in it.) Read More

Happy Hour: The Thyme-ly Dalmatian Recipe

By Ashley Beck | February 22, 2013

photo by: Ashley Beck

During winter it’s hard to find flavors that really pop. Luckily, citrus fruits are in their prime and  grapefruit is a great way to bring life, color and zing to your wintry mix. Not to mention the health benefits of fresh grapefruit and its ability to speed up the metabolism when taken before a meal. And because it’s winter I’ve decided to add a salted caramel rim for extra comfort. The warmth of the caramel is a great way to compliment the bitterness of the grapefruit as well as the spicy, earthy lemon undertones of the black pepper and thyme simple syrup.

Read More

Red Berry and Rosé Sangria Recipe

By Emma Laperruque | July 27, 2012

This recipe is a light twist on sangria, perfect for nighttime summer parties—and days on the beach. Instead of heavy red wine, rosé is used, and instead of sugar, honey (raw, if you can find it!). Raspberries and strawberries add natural sweetness, as lemon slices contribute brightness in flavor and color.

If holiday parties are all about indulgent hors d’oeuvres, summer bashes are all about decadent drinks. Whether it’s a margarita, mojito or piña colada, most warm weather cocktails can be as calorie-packed as those dangerously addictive pigs in a blanket.

How do you stay on your bathing suit’s good side for the rest of the summer? Same as the holiday season, just practice smart choices and moderation. Instead of depriving yourself a drink at a BBQ while everyone else is having a great time, pour yourself something that’s as refreshing as it is light. Easy way to tell? If the main ingredient is a store-bought mix, it’s not the right drink.

Below’s recipe is a light twist on sangria, perfect for nighttime summer parties—and days on the beach. Instead of heavy red wine, rosé is used, and instead of sugar, honey (raw, if you can find it!). Raspberries and strawberries add natural sweetness, as lemon slices contribute brightness in flavor and color. To top it off, sparkling water lends a bit of bubbly, and no extra calories and sugar like soda normally would. So drink up! Red Berry and Rosé Sangria is delicious and 100 percent guilt-free.

Follow Emma on Twitter: @EmmaLaperruque


Blood Orange Margarita Recipe

By | March 16, 2012

Photo: nerdling

Photo: nerdling

While it wasn’t a particularly harsh winter, we’re still right in the middle of it. With no other fruits in season except winter citrus, we had to improvise for this week’s cocktail and use one of the most flavorful acidic oranges there is- the blood orange.

Blood oranges are widely grown in Italy and Spain, but in the US they are grown in Florida and California. The abnormal pigmentation gives the blood orange its streaked red color, hence resembling blood. They known for their high vitamin C, potassium, carotene and dietary fiber contents, all of which have extensive health benefits.

We’re all for added benefits, especially when drinking! So if you’re in the mood for an extra dose of vitamin C, check out this Blood Orange Margarita recipe below.


The Deauville Cocktail Recipe

By | March 2, 2012

Photo: JBlaze B

Photo: JBlaze B

We’ve featured classic cocktails in the past like the Manhattan, the Sidecar, and the Old Fashioned. But one classic cocktail rarely has the same retro-style repertoire as the other classics- the Deauville. Perhaps because of it’s seemingly awkward to pronounce name or because of its fuzzy origin, the Deauville has not risen to the same popularity as the other cocktail classics. But this sweet brandy libation certainly deserves the attention it’s not getting.

Not much can be found about the origin of the Deauville, other than that it originated in the 1930’s in New Orleans, Louisiana. Another clue can be found in the name itself- Deauville is a town in the northern part of France where the apple brandy Calvados is made. The Deauville calls for Calvados so clearly there must be some connection.

Regardless of who or why it was created, the Deauville is a must-try drink, especially if you like brandy. The two types of brandy hit with a splash of lemon juice make for the perfect sweet and bitter cocktail to set your weekend off to the right start!

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