The Deauville Cocktail Recipe

By | March 2, 2012

Photo: JBlaze B

Photo: JBlaze B

We’ve featured classic cocktails in the past like the Manhattan, the Sidecar, and the Old Fashioned. But one classic cocktail rarely has the same retro-style repertoire as the other classics- the Deauville. Perhaps because of it’s seemingly awkward to pronounce name or because of its fuzzy origin, the Deauville has not risen to the same popularity as the other cocktail classics. But this sweet brandy libation certainly deserves the attention it’s not getting.

Not much can be found about the origin of the Deauville, other than that it originated in the 1930’s in New Orleans, Louisiana. Another clue can be found in the name itself- Deauville is a town in the northern part of France where the apple brandy Calvados is made. The Deauville calls for Calvados so clearly there must be some connection.

Regardless of who or why it was created, the Deauville is a must-try drink, especially if you like brandy. The two types of brandy hit with a splash of lemon juice make for the perfect sweet and bitter cocktail to set your weekend off to the right start!

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Photo: Science of Drink

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Photo: El Tuercas

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