Chocolate-Coffee Breakfast Shake Recipe

By Madeleine Ignon | September 27, 2011

coffee breakfast shake

Photo: Madeleine Ignon

In keeping with the theme of I-can-probably-make-it-better-and-healthier-at-home (see: Wild Blueberry Frozen Yogurt), I decided to embark on new, sacred territory: Coffee territory. Instead of getting a fancy iced and/or blended coffee beverage for upwards of $4 this morning, I thought, why don’t I make my own? Who needs the extra sugar that those coffee chains put in that mystery mixture anyway? Read More


Dark Roast Beer Chili Recipe

By Dylan Rodgers | September 22, 2011

Photo: Serene Vannoy

As the weather starts getting colder, the blistering frozen winds, loss of dexterity, and the ever-present climate freezing your appendages can make tailgating at wintery football games a formidable task.  But for those dedicated individuals who wouldn’t even think of throwing in the towel, here’s a chili that is not only sure to warm your insides, but also blow your taste buds right out of your tongue.

Whoever decided to put beer and coffee into chili was either a madman or a genius.  Either way, this chili’s good! Read More


How to Cold-Brew the Perfect Cup of Iced Coffee

By Marcus Samuelsson | June 15, 2011


Photo: Lindsay Hunt

Essential for summer and for keeping cool is a cold glass of iced coffee.  There are many health benefits from drinking coffee, You can get your caffeine boost while keeping your body temperature down, which is very important on a sweltering day. It may take longer to make if you start out with hot coffee and wait until it’s cool enough to pour over ice, so why not skip a step and cold-brew your very own perfect cup of iced coffee? Here is how:

Read More


Cafe Brasileiro Recipe

By Elizabetta Tekeste | December 1, 2010

Photo: krabiman

Photo: krabiman

The holiday season is officially underway and coffee will not take a back seat to holiday cocktails! Coffee and liquor have become bedfellows and this power couple is gaining popularity very quickly. So today I bring you my top 2 coffee cocktails to warm you and yours!

If you prefer to keep it straightforward, you need not go without a coffee holiday drink. For a clean drink after your holiday meal simply add a shot (ounce) of one my recommended spirits to your delicious cup of coffee:

1) Frangelico

2) Amaretto

3) Grand Marnier

Until next week, be well and breathe well!

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