Spiced Lamb with Couscous and Vegetables Recipe

By Ashley Beck | June 18, 2013

Spiced Lamb with Couscous and Vegetables

Looking to make an authentic Moroccan meal? Try this three-part recipe that creates a fabulous dinner for two and highlights Argania Gourmet’s most prized ingredient: Argan Oil. This delicious dish of spiced lamb with couscous and vegetables was designed by the Argania team’s chef just for us! The recipe uses argan oil in each component lending itself to create a unique taste profile in each dish alone. But when eaten together, the layers of flavor are absolutely divine!

Spiced Lamb with Couscous and Vegetables

Spiced Lamb with Couscous and Vegetables

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Couscous & Linguica Summer Salad

By Marnely Rodriguez-Murray | August 3, 2012

Photo by Marnely Rodriguez-Murray

This summer, beat the heat with a refreshing salad that not only will satisfy your hunger, but is full of fresh flavors and sweet (long awaited!) summer corn. Layered with crispy linguiça sausage, it’s the perfect salad to bring to barbeques and summer potlucks, to counteract the mayonnaise-laden salads that will be on the table.

What’s linguiça sausage? It’s born in Portugal and easily found in grocery stores around the United States. Some places where it’s popular include Seattle, Northeastern Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Rhode Island. Made from smoked and cured pork and spiced with garlic and paprika, linguiça is a flavorful sausage that adds a small amount of heat and a large amount of flavor to whatever you add it to. Enjoy this salad alongside grilled fish or meats, or all on its own as a stellar meal.

Photo by Marnely Rodriguez-Murray


Cauliflower and Chickpea Stew With Couscous Recipe

By Laura Ratliff and Ryan Smith | November 22, 2011

Cauliflower stew

Sometimes you just need a rib-sticker, you know? You know what I’m talking about; the kind of meal where just one bowl can keep you full or warm in the frigid air for hours, and yet you still can’t resist going back for leftovers.

Ryan and I had one of those last week in the form of a hearty cauliflower and chickpea stew with couscous.

Cauliflower has been a staple for us over the past few weeks since it’s in season, and we’re always big fans of chickpeas and the whole tomatoes that made up the stew’s sauce.

While I normally steer away from anything canned in the house, San Marzano tomatoes are our go-to for stews and sauces. The tang and fresh flavor satisfies that tomato craving even when the late summer heirlooms are long gone. Ryan loves the whole San Marzano tomatoes and could admittedly eat an entire can of them on their own, but I knew this dish was a winner when he kept going back for bowls of the tender cauliflower and chickpeas. Combined with fresh spinach from Satur Farms on Long Island and salty, protein-rich chickpeas, it’s pretty to easy to see why this was a filling meal.

We’ve unintentionally been posting a lot of vegetarian recipes lately (very fitting for this month), but I really hadn’t even noticed until writing this post-even the vegetarian recipes we cook are so filling that you won’t miss the meat. This stew is no exception.

I’m embarrassed to admit that we had no leftovers! We ate part of the batch for lunch and the remainder for a cozy weekend dinner-but I imagine that a day of flavors melding in the fridge would only make this stew even better. Nevertheless, it’s great fall meal that will keep you full, even if you don’t keep coming back for more!

Adapted from RealSimple

Photos by Laura Ratliff

Laura Ratliff and Ryan Smith are the authors of Smith & Ratliff, a New York City-based lifestyle blog. They write about food, cocktails, art, style and life in New York City. Follow them on Twitter: @smithratliff

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