Irish Soda Bread with Salted Maple Butter Recipe

By Emma Haberman | March 14, 2012

Photo: Emma Haberman

Photo: Emma Haberman

Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day – probably either your favorite or least favorite day of the year. If you like rowdy parades and bar crawls, you’re already planning your best green outfit and practicing your shamrock face paint. If you’re the rest of America, you’re praying for rain so that you have an excuse to stay quietly at home until March 18th.

Yes, St. Patrick’s Day in the United States has become synonymous with Irish coffee and green beer, but the holiday actually has a deep-rooted religious origin. It recognizes St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who is considered largely responsible for spreading Catholicism in the country. St. Patrick used the three-leaf shamrock clover to explain Catholic concepts, and has so come to be associated with the color green.

Sipping on whiskey and Guinness is as fine a way to celebrate as any, but let’s not forget about the great tradition of the St. Patrick’s Day feast. Soda bread is a delicious Irish tradition that requires less kitchen commitment than the classic corned beef and potatoes. A form of “quick bread”, soda bread is leavened without yeast. Baking soda acts as the rising agent here, and gives the bread a unique tart flavor. Read More


Caramelized Brussels Sprouts Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | October 31, 2011

caramelized brussels sprouts

The auditions are officially underway. I have beets pacing frantically up and down the corridor outside my apartment, biting their fingernails, hoping against hope that I can find some way to prepare them that doesn’t make me cringe in ugh-this-tastes-like-dirt disdain.  The sweet potatoes and winter squash, knowing full well of their “most favorite vegetable” status, have practically moved in, while of the other root vegetables, parsnips have the most promise but celery root is an absolute lost cause.

And then there’s the underdog of the Thanksgiving table. The vegetable that half of us love to hate and the other half hate to love – the brussels sprout. Being in the latter camp myself, I’m not-so-secretly rooting for him to make an appearance on my holiday menu and if there’s any recipe to win over the masses, it’s this one for caramelized brussels sprouts. Read More

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