cranberry beans

Pasta with Cranberry Beans & Artichokes Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | August 13, 2012

cranberry beans

While I try to be super PC about most things in my life, I have a confession to make: I occasionally judge my beans by their pod color. (Oops.)

But when they are just so vibrantly magenta and pretty-in-pink, can you really blame me? I didn’t think so. Fresh cranberry beans are just too pretty to pass up, and the good news is that their beauty is not only skin deep…they are delicious as well. They taste largely like white beans, but with a little less mushiness to them, and happen to meld perfectly with artichokes and zucchini in this pasta dish. Unfortunately the beans lose their color after cooking, making the finished dish seem a little ho-hum in comparison to its starting ingredients, but I can promise you that what it lacks in color, it makes up for in flavor.

Photos: Joanne Bruno


Cranberry Bean Chili with Winter Squash and Swiss Chard Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | October 10, 2011

Photo: Joanne Bruno

Photo: Joanne Bruno

Vegetarians have to fend for themselves come fall.  Whereas summer is all about fresh, veggie-full clean eating…autumn cooking tends to be a practice in roasting as much meat as possible, topping it with bacon, and calling it breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I’ve quickly come to realize that if you want to find a veg-friendly option at a potluck, football party, or Thanksgiving dinner, you’re going to have to make it yourself  (Or risk having to scrounge together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from whatever your host happens to have in their cabinets.  And nothing is sadder than a PB+J on turkey day while everyone else is digging into the bacon-infused mashed potatoes that your father insists don’t have meat in them.)

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.  This cranberry bean chili with winter squash and swiss chard is the perfect dish to bring to any fall celebration that you happen to be attending.

Photo: Joanne Bruno

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