Crayfish Martini Recipe

By Sanaz Lemoine | August 8, 2012


Photo: wickenden

With crayfish on the mind, why not stir up classic tradition and serve a crayfish martini instead? Sure it might seem a little aggressive putting a mini lobster into your martini glass, but think of it this way: it will be a cocktail they’ll never forget.

Serve with this Carrot Crayfish Salad and celebrate the rest of the summer in true Swedish tradtion.

Carrot and Crayfish Salad Recipe

By Patrice Johnson | August 7, 2012

Photo: Patrice Johnson

Photo: Patrice Johnson

Inspired by Kräftskiva, this summery salad highlights fresh seafood and is perfect for the season’s peak. Kräftskiva is a traditional Swedish celebration, where people gather to feast on crayfish, drink, and enjoy each other’s company. If the only crustaceans you’ve tried are the usual shrimp, crab, and lobster, take this recipe as an ideal introduction to the ingredient. Crayfish meat is mixed with mayo, lemon juice, and Old Bay seasoning, much like a crab salad, as well as sweet, shredded carrots. Serve it as an appetizer at an outdoor barbeque—or bring it Kräftskiva, if you’re going to one anytime soon!

Check out another Swedish-style recipe from Patrice below:
Rye Blini with Quick-Pickled Beets and Gravlax  


Crayfish Étouffée Recipe

By Matt Essert | August 16, 2011

Photo: Michelle@TNS

It’s crayfish season! These delicious little shellfish are similar to shrimp and lobster, but have a distinct taste of their own, and they’re delicious. But since they tend to be less common than lobster and shrimp, some of us may not know how to cook with crayfish. You can always do a crayfish boil and just peel and eat them, but they’re also great as an ingredient in a dish, like this one. Read More

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