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Louisiana-Style White Chocolate Panettone Bread Pudding Recipe

By Dylan Rodgers | October 12, 2011


Photo: rishi989

Bread pudding:  the best thing since its sliced relative.  Bread puddin’! Its enunciation causes any food enthusiast’s mouth to salivate with near lustful desire.  How could anyone turn down a buttery sweet loaf of delicate dessert on a plate, or bowl, or even right from the pan?  Who cares what manners people think you don’t have any way; it’s delicious!

And for all those bourbon lovers out there, this recipe is considered Louisiana-Style, which means adding liquor and little dehydrated fruits. Careful now… This bread pudding recipe could cause comas of pure jubilant satisfaction. Read More


Dark Roast Beer Chili Recipe

By Dylan Rodgers | September 22, 2011

Photo: Serene Vannoy

As the weather starts getting colder, the blistering frozen winds, loss of dexterity, and the ever-present climate freezing your appendages can make tailgating at wintery football games a formidable task.  But for those dedicated individuals who wouldn’t even think of throwing in the towel, here’s a chili that is not only sure to warm your insides, but also blow your taste buds right out of your tongue.

Whoever decided to put beer and coffee into chili was either a madman or a genius.  Either way, this chili’s good! Read More


Pico de Pollo Oro (Spicy Mustard Chicken Wing) Recipe

By Dylan Rodgers | September 20, 2011

Photo: Olga Massov

To me, the chicken wing is the most important finger food known to man!  As the legend goes, Zeus held the hot wing by the bone and dipped it into the Spicy Mustard River of Styx.  From that moment on, any mortal brave enough to partake of its delicate, deifying deliciousness would brush upon the edges of absolute ecstasy, going mad with pleasure.

O.K.- so saucy chicken wings may not have been granted to mortals by the gods, but after you try this recipe for spicy mustard wings, you’ll probably think they were.  Read More


Super Summer Sangria Recipe

By Dylan Rodgers | August 5, 2011

Photo: The Culinary Geek

Photo: The Culinary Geek

Since it’s still scorching outside, why not take a little time to cool off and relax with a tiny umbrella and an 8 oz. vacation in a glass.  Sangria is a proven remedy to long days at work and too much time in the city.  Plus drinking red wine in moderation promotes good cholesterol and protects against arterial damaging. Read More

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