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Egg Sandwich with Green Bean Slaw Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | July 15, 2013

egg sandwich, green bean, slaw, hard boiled egg, bon appetit, meatless monday

egg sandwich, green bean, slaw, hard boiled egg, bon appetit, meatless monday

When turning on your oven is absolutely the last thing you want to do for fear that even the slightest change in ambient temperature will cause you to spontaneously combust, easy meals like sandwiches are key. You can get bored of the stereotypical sandwich options pretty quickly, though, which is where this egg sandwich with green bean slaw comes in. The slaw, which is probably my favorite part of this sandwich, consists of shaved green beans, red onion, radishes, and spicy olives; all dressed in a tangy, salty, creamy feta dressing. Serve with a sliced hard boiled egg for some extra protein and you’ll have yourself a sandwich worth getting excited about, even when the current heat wave seems like it’s too much to bear.

Adapted from Bon Appétit

green bean slaw, red onion, egg sandwich, meatless monday

Joanne Bruno is a food writer and fourth year MD/PhD student. Find more of delicious ramblings over at her blog: Eats Well with Others

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Golden Thai Curry with Green Beans Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | April 15, 2013

curry, green beans, thai, potatoes
curry, green beans, thai, potatoes

Potatoes and green beans get the spicy treatment from this Golden Thai curry sauce.

With every meal having notes of sweet, salty, tangy, spicy, bold flavor it’s not really much of a surprise that Thai is my favorite type of cuisine. After all, how could you ever get bored of something that’s so complex, with each spoonful of each dish bringing something new and intriguing to your taste buds?

This golden thai curry with green beans is no exception. It is filled with four different kinds of vegetables that are simmered in a coconut milk/penang curry paste broth, resulting in a meal that is big on flavor and on health.

Adapted from Vegetarian Times

Joanne Bruno is a food writer and fourth year MD/PhD student. Fine more delicious ramblings over at her blog: Eats Well with Others


green beans, curry, potatoes, thai, vegetarian, meatless monday, marcus samuelsson

The colorful vegetarian medley.


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Vegan Green Bean Salad Recipe

By Aine Carlin | May 24, 2012

Vegan Green Bean salad

If you’re in search of a tasty detox, you can be sure this captivating green bean salad will be your remedy to some internal spring cleaning. This salad of sorts can be served alone or as a side. With plenty of zest and garlic, you will neither feel deprived of taste or lacking nutrition.


Oaxacan Green Mole Stew Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | August 15, 2011

Photo: Joanne Bruno

Photo: Joanne Bruno

At the end of almost every week, I am left with crisper guilt.  No matter how much menu planning I do, how many copies of my shopping list I take with me to the grocery store, or how many cookbooks I sleep with under my pillows, when I open up my crisper on Friday I am inevitably greeted by a drawer full of slightly wrinkled, almost ready to bite-the-dust vegetables. It’s heart wrenching, each and every time.

Thanks to recipes such as this Oaxacan green mole stew, however, I no longer have to cry myself to sleep at the thought of all the produce I’ve let go to waste, Read More


Warm Cabbage and Green Beans Recipe

By Marcus Samuelsson | January 19, 2011

Photo: ecks ecks

One of my philosophies is that you don’t have to be a vegetarian to eat meat-free.  It is good for the system to cleanse. Last Wednesday Elaine Louie of The New York Times shared one of my vegetarian recipes in her column, “The Temporary Vegetarian.”

Cabbage is often snubbed because people have tasted over-cooked and unappetizing preparations.  It also has a relation in people’s minds to poverty, but when cooked correctly, it can melt in your mouth, tasting rich and buttery.

My recipe for Warm Cabbage and Green Beans takes its cue from Ethiopian cuisine, and it’s spices and subtle flavors combine to make a hearty, delicious vegetarian meal.

And, in keeping with my second-day food philosophy, helping to make our kitchens more sustainable by wasting less, Ms. Louie remarks that “it also tastes even better the second day, and the third.”

Eat this with traditional injera, the national bread of Ethiopia, which is made with teff flour.  You can pick up injera at your local Ethiopian or Eritrean restaurant.  Or, make white or brown rice to serve with the dish.

As published by Elaine Louie in the New York Times


Thanksgiving Green Bean Salad Recipe

By Marcus Samuelsson | November 23, 2010

Photo: cheesy42

Photo: cheesy42

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I have chosen most of the components for my perfect holiday dinner.  One of the last dishes to plan is a healthy green side dish.  A Green Bean Salad from New American Table fits the bill perfectly.

For a delicious take on the healthy side of your meal, I dress up green beans with jalapeño, peanuts and fried garlic and shallots.  I’m excited to include these savory beans in my meal this year!

Combine these green beans with my other Thanksgiving-appropriate recipes: Oysters with Green Tomato, Carrot-Cranberry Chutney, Harissa Roasted Turkey, Corn Bread, Corn Mashed Potatoes and Pear-Pumpkin Salad.


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