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Mashed Faux-tatoes Recipe

By Sara Mae Danish | June 27, 2013

mashed potatoes, fake mashed potatoes, cauliflower, healthy, no butter, no oil

mashed potatoes, fake mashed potatoes, cauliflower, healthy, no butter, no oil

This is one of the few occasions where ‘fake’ tastes better than the real thing- especially since this recipe has ZERO carbs. My mashed faux-tatoes have all of the creamy, rich flavors of mashed potatoes without a single ounce of guilt.  This is a great starch alternative if you’re dieting and are plagued by carb cravings or for anyone who is looking to eat healthier. When pureed, the cannellini beans become very dense and creamy which fills you up and satiates those starchy desires.

Rhubarb and Avocado Ceviche Recipe

By Alexandra Fleischman | June 26, 2013


Rarely do I attempt to serve any type of raw meat or fish. Order it in a restaurant, and at least the chef is responsible for making sure no one gets sick. None of that pressure on me, thank you.

But I love ceviche for how refreshing and light it is, and when it occurred to me that, of course, no cooking is involved, I got past my skittishness, and tried it.

This recipe uses rhubarb juice, which is surprisingly lighter and sweeter than one would expect from raw rhubarb. Nevertheless, it’s acidic enough to use as the marinade. Jalapeños add a little heat, and the scallions add the necessary crunch.

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Healthy Banana Waffles Recipe

By Jennifer von Ebers | June 20, 2013

waffles, no oil, healthy, breakfast

waffles recipe, healthy waffles

I had bananas that were going bad and I had to do something with them or throw them out.  I haven’t made waffles in a while, so that was what I decided to make.  I’ve made many versions over the years, and when I stared into my pantry, I didn’t want to use regular all purpose flour and I had a huge container of oats, so I decided to use a blender to make oat flour. All you do is take a few cups of oats, and blend them for a minute or so until it resembles flour.  Measure out the 1 cup needed for this recipe and save the rest in a Ziploc bag or jar for another use.  I also saw a jar of wheat germ in my pantry and decided to throw some of that in a blender to get a smoother consistency. Just as with the oats, measure out what you need for this recipe and save the rest for later.

Chili-Mango Bok Choy Slaw Recipe

By Kendall Kish | May 14, 2013

bok choy, baby bok choy, bik choy slaw, mango, mango slaw, chili mango

Chili Mango Slaw (Photo: Kendall Kish)

What a combination – the heat from the chili sauce, the sweetness from the mango, and the crunch from all the vegetables make for a texture and flavor explosion. The dressing has a hint of nutty sesame oil and tamari adds a wonderful depth of flavor. Baby bok choy is perfect for this slaw, as the larger variety is not as tender when raw and has a more distinct cabbage flavor. This is a great spin on traditional cole slaw; the Asian influences really shine here. Try this slaw alongside seared scallops, grilled trout burgers, or roasted pork tenderloin. To read about Baby Bok Choy, click here.

bok choy, baby bok choy, bik choy slaw, mango, mango slaw, chili mango

Photo: Kendall Kish

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