Beef with Glogg Reduction

By Marcus Samuelsson | December 18, 2014

This recipe is from week 3 of The Taste. The theme of the challenge was "Happy Holidays," so I chose a dish that both incorporated holiday flavors and is sure to wow a crowd of guests.

The Taste

The theme of Week 3’s episode of the Taste was “Happy Holidays.” To me, this dish screams holiday – it’s perfect for special occasions, entertaining, and it incorporates Glogg, traditional Swedish hot spiced wine.  Check back next week for more recipes, and keep rooting for #TeamMarcus.




Helga’s Cookies

By Marcus Samuelsson | December 12, 2013

(Photo by sweetbeetandgreenbean)

In Sweden, ginger cookies, or peppakakor, are typically eaten around the holidays, and the spices in these cookies complement the winter coldness well. This is a version that is based on the spices that my grandmother Helga had in her large and magical pantry.


Harissa-Marinated Sirloin with Preserved Lemon Sauce Recipe

By Saira Malhotra | December 20, 2011

Photo: Danny Ngan

Photo: Danny Ngan

It’s time to take out the menorah and insert the candles that will radiate the room with its blessed light. Chanukah is a holiday loved by children who play games with dreidels and receive gifts. It is an ancient holiday that marks the miracle of ‘oil’ which was only sufficient to keep the candles burning at the holy temple for one day but miraculously burned for 8 days. It is of no surprise that one sees many fried dishes at Hanukah to commemorate oil. Donuts and latkes are no strangers to the table.

While many have already selected their favorite fried options, the non-fried varieties are more than welcome too. Today’s Chanukah dish is a Harissa-marinated Sirloin with Preserved Lemon Sauce. Read More


Tom & Jerry Holiday Punch Recipe

By Ashley Bode | December 16, 2011

Photo: Science of Drink

Photo: Science of Drink

There are a few cocktails that are on nearly everyone’s list come holiday party season. Some people serve poinsettias, some serve egg nog or glogg, but there’s one drink that carries on through the generations that is happily welcomed but rarely seen, Tom and Jerry Punch, sometimes referred to as Tom and Jerry Eggnog. There are many recipes out there for eggnog but this one is truly a vintage favorite. Read More


Ginger Citrus Cookies Recipe

By Marcus Samuelsson | December 24, 2010

Photo: hfb

Photo: hfb

Tonight, Christmas Eve, is when the real celebrations happen for Christmas in Sweden.  Today is when Santa comes, and all the kids get super excited about presents.  The meal is a big deal too, and always ends with gingersnaps.  These cookies are my take on the delicious dessert.

Check out my other recommendations for the perfect Swedish Christmas Table here.  And of course, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and God Jul!

You can substitute high-quality candied citrus peel for the homemade.  Avoid supermarket candied peel; good candied orange peel is available at gourmet markets and online.


Sun-Dried Tomato Bread Recipe

By Marcus Samuelsson | December 16, 2010

Photo: NathanaelB

Photo: NathanaelB

For Kwanzaa this year, I recommend baking my Sun-Dried Tomato Bread.  This bread makes use of the dried tomatoes, bringing a burst of flavor to your celebration when winter has already arrived.  The recipe makes two loaves, enough to share with your holiday guests.

Serve the bread with my other recipes that would be great for Kwanzaa: Cauliflower Fritters, Jerk Chicken, Chunky Mashed Vegetables and Corn Mashed Potatoes.


Cauliflower Fritters Recipe

By Marcus Samuelsson | December 14, 2010

Photo: Island Vittles

I’m getting excited for the upcoming Kwanzaa holiday.  Today I’m honoring the principle kuumba, or creativity.  I think cauliflower can be a bland vegetable, but with some delicious spices and an easy beer batter, my recipe for Cauliflower Fritters from Soul of a New Cuisine creatively takes this vegetable from boring to delectable.   Read More

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