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Spicy Adzuki with Kimchi and Tempeh Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | April 1, 2013

spicy azuki beans

spicy azuki beans

I first became enamored with kimchi after encountering it at a food festival in NYC last summer. My friends and I had sampled a few too many of the desserts on offer and were in search of something to cleanse our palates from all that sugar. Eventually we stumbled across a booth selling kimchi – problem solved. I can’t remember anything ever tasting so refreshing in it’s spicy tang.

Since then I’ve been borderline obsessed with incorporating it into my life wherever possible. Mostly I eat it plain but recently I came across this recipe that incorporated it into a stir fry and I was instantly sold. Though the original recipe only called for stir frying it with beans and tempeh, I added some asparagus into the mix because I never feel like a meal is complete unless it contains something green. Plus they added a nice hint of sweetness to all the other bold flavors in this meal.

spicy azuki beans

Adapted from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

Kale and Three Cheese Calzone Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | March 25, 2013

Kale Calzone

Pizza day is everyone’s favorite day of the week.

As a kid it probably only comes around once or twice a week, but one of the definite bonuses of becoming an adult is that you can pizza wherever, whenever, and top it with whatever you so desire. Read More

Walnut and Chard Ravioli Salad Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | March 18, 2013

Walnut and Chard Ravioli

Walnut Ravioli, swiss chard, ravioli

I bought my first bunch of asparagus the other day. I know it’s not exactly the season yet, but they were so skinny and tender that I just felt the time was right, which means, increasingly so, that my dearest butternut is on its way out. At least for this year. Read More

Za’atar and Aleppo Pepper Roasted Potato Tacos

By Joanne Bruno | March 11, 2013

Potato Tacos

Some days, you just have to mix things up in the kitchen. Put some Tex-Mex flair in your pasta, savory in your sweet, or, in the case of this recipe, Middle Eastern spices in your tacos. Here, potatoes are roasted with za’atar – a richly flavorful spice blend made from grinding thyme, sumac, and sesame seeds together, aleppo pepper, and lemon, giving them a tart, spicy and nutty flavor profile. They are then mixed with swiss chard and beans that have been flavored with some smoked paprika and used as a taco filling. The flavor combination is one that will keep your palate intrigued and will have you going back for bite after healthy bite. Read More

Bok Choy and Potatoes with Romano Cheese Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | March 4, 2013


Bok choy gets such short shrift in the food world, being used predominantly for stir fries and little else. However, this relative of the cabbage has the potential to be used for so much more. High in vitamins A, C and K it is a healthy and welcome addition to just about any dish. Here, I’ve paired it with a bell pepper and romano cheese stew, and topped it with scallions to make what feels like an Italian-Asian fusion meal. The flavor profile may be non-traditional, but it just works, turning this member of the brassica family from a one-note veggie into something more. Read More

Artichoke Torta Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | February 25, 2013

Artichoke Torta

artichokes, torta

Spinach and artichoke dip is one of those holiday party guilty pleasures that you hate to love and love to hate. (It’s okay, admit it. We all do.)

But what happens when you wake up one morning and realize it’s almost March. Holiday season is officially over, calories officially count again, and standing over a bowl of dip with a bag of pita chips and eating it all in one sitting is, well…probably not the best idea. Read More

Sweet Potato Cream Pasta with Kale Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | February 11, 2013

Photo: eatswellwithothers

Sometimes your taste buds want to sit down to a creamy dreamy pasta dinner. But your arteries don’t. I understand.

That’s where this sweet potato cream sauce comes in to save the day. It is made without even a single drop of heavy cream, using mashed sweet potato instead to thicken it and give it that great Alfredo-like texture. Total comfort food that your whole body can feel good about.

Adapted from How Sweet It Is

Joanne Bruno is a food writer and fourth year MD/PhD student. Find more of delicious ramblings over at her blog: Eats Well With Others.

Black-Eyed Peas and Cornmeal Dumplings Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | February 4, 2013

Black-Eyed Peas and Cornmeal Dumplings

black eyed peas, dumplings

While tradition dictates that we eat black-eyed peas and collard greens on New Year’s Day to bring us luck in the year ahead, I don’t see why this must be restricted to the first days in January. I’m all for year-round prosperity and what better way to ensure it then to continue eating this auspicious combination months after the new year has come and gone? Read More

Peruvian Bean Bowl with Red Pepper Sauce Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | January 28, 2013

Photo: eatswellwithothers

To survive this seemingly endless marathon of bleary wintry days, I need bowls of food that taste like summer. They must be full of bright flavors and colors to make up for all the grey that seems to abound. And, well, if they could also be warm and hearty that would be great. Because, well. I’m cold. Constantly.

This Peruvian bean bowl fits the bill perfectly. It’s a stick-to-your-bones stew that features the coconut-lime flavor combo in full force, so you can imagine that you’re lying on a beach somewhere sipping a pina colada while huddling under a blanket in your apartment with the heat on high.

Joanne Bruno is a food writer and fourth year MD/PhD student. Find more of delicious ramblings over at her blog: Eats Well With Others

Recipe adapted from The Taste Space

Sweet Potatoes with Bourbon and Maple Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | January 7, 2013

Sweet Potatoes

As a firm believer in the idea that vegetables never need to be smothered in butter and sugar to be palatable, I usually try to bring healthy and delicious veggie-full dishes to holidays and family functions to win over all of the skeptics in my life. And then there were these sweet potatoes, which, being smothered in a maple espresso bourbon sauce, are quite the indulgence yet are worth every calorie.

I may or may not have eaten half a batch on Thanksgiving and am still ruing the fact that I didn’t keep them all to myself.

Joanne Bruno is a food writer and third year MD/PhD student. Find more of delicious ramblings over at her blog: Eats Well With Others

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