Uptown Smothered Drumsticks with Couscous and Kale

By Marcus Samuelsson | February 9, 2016

Uptown Smothered Drumsticks with Couscous and Kale by Marcus Samuelsson from Good Morning America


Uptown Smothered Drumsticks with Couscous and Kale by Marcus Samuelsson from Good Morning America


I had a blast doing Good Morning America‘s $5 Dinner Challenge. Affordable doesn’t mean that it doesn’t taste good!
Here are my tips for cooking on a budget. Check out the video for more!
Learn how to cook so that you can use your leftovers efficiently. Every item of produce can make at least one to two dishes!
Buying meats whole means more meals! For example, if you buy a whole chicken you can steam the breasts, make a stock out of the carcass, roast the drum sticks, like in my recipe for uptown smothered chicken legs, and fry the thighs.
Plan out your week and utilize the freezer efficiently. Keep bones, vegetable scraps, and carcasses in the freezer for stocks and don’t be afraid to freeze leftovers in portioned containers.
Learn how to pickle and jar! It’s a fun way to add flavor and enhance your cooking, plus you can prolong the life of your vegetables.

Kale Salad Exotica

By Lauren Von Der Pool | March 11, 2014

(Photo by rocor)
(Photo by rocor)

(Photo by rocor)

Kale is my staple food, and the versatile recipes are endless, so be creative! It is yummy, hearty, loaded with chlorophyll and other valuable nutrients, and is a fast way to curb hunger. Food is like currency to me; before I eat, I always ponder, “Is this valuable currency?” Well, kale is invaluable with tons of Vitamins K, A, and C, and it’s packed with alkalizing minerals for a balanced pH level. Eating kale is like having money in the bank!

Kale and Three Cheese Calzone Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | March 25, 2013

Kale Calzone

Pizza day is everyone’s favorite day of the week.

As a kid it probably only comes around once or twice a week, but one of the definite bonuses of becoming an adult is that you can pizza wherever, whenever, and top it with whatever you so desire. Read More

Kale and Quinoa Salad with Roasted Beets

By Kendall Kish | March 4, 2013


This warm salad is perfectly healthy, delicious, and easy to make. Steaming the kale atop the quinoa during the last 5 minutes of cooking makes this one-pot recipe all the worthwhile.  The earthy flavors of each ingredient compliment each other wonderfully – you’re going to want to make this! Read More

Sweet Potato Cream Pasta with Kale Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | February 11, 2013

Photo: eatswellwithothers

Sometimes your taste buds want to sit down to a creamy dreamy pasta dinner. But your arteries don’t. I understand.

That’s where this sweet potato cream sauce comes in to save the day. It is made without even a single drop of heavy cream, using mashed sweet potato instead to thicken it and give it that great Alfredo-like texture. Total comfort food that your whole body can feel good about.

Adapted from How Sweet It Is

Joanne Bruno is a food writer and fourth year MD/PhD student. Find more of delicious ramblings over at her blog: Eats Well With Others.

Kale Breakfast Bowls with Cotija Cheese

By Joanne Bruno | August 3, 2012

Photo by Joanne Bruno

I get into breakfast ruts on occasion where I eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for three years straight. (Not an exaggeration.)


Then, I discovered these kale breakfast burrito bowls, which are packed with flavor, a hint of spice and tons of nutritious value. Iron, vitamin A, protein…these burritos have it all. And they might even cure you of that three-year-strong breakfast habit.




Joanne Bruno is a food writer and third year MD/PhD student. Find more of her delicious ramblings over at her blog: Eats Well With Others.



Spicy Lentils with Sweet Potatoes and Kale Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | April 30, 2012

spicy lentils with kale

There’s something about knowing that I have a pound of kale in my fridge that makes my heart race. Partly because I know that by ingesting it, I’ll be doing so much good for my body.

And partly because I’m thinking, “what am I going to do with it before it goes bad?!”

No need to stress about that any more though.  This lentil, sweet potato and kale dish is not only super easy to throw together, but it’s delicious. And it’s also a nutritional powerhouse, so from here on out, you can reserve your heart racing for other more rational things.


Stuffed Shells with Ricotta, Spinach and Kale Recipe

By Allana Mortell | March 8, 2012

Stuffed shells - Allana

Photo: Allana Mortell

Having a child who despises vegetables and prefers sweet and salty over nutritious and delicious could be considered a parents worst nightmare.  With that said, it’s always a fun treat to stumble upon a dish that combines the best of both. Stuffed pasta shells are like ravioli, but so much better.  The advantage of this dish is that you can combine more than one ingredient (hello, vegetables!) into the inside of the shell, resulting in a flavor-packed and health-conscious dish.

Kale is a member of the cabbage family and simply put, one of the healthiest vegetables around. It’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients are beneficial to your health in more ways than one and also helps in an individual’s detox process, regulating the detox activity in cells.  The antioxidants in spinach are proven to help with one’s vision, skin tone and additionally, help lower blood pressure. Combine these two vegetables with the perfect pairing of cheese and tomato sauce and you have a winning dish, even your kids will love. Read More


Kale, Sausage, and Potato Soup Recipe

By Laura Ratliff and Ryan Smith | January 4, 2012

Kale soup

We recently made a trip to Dallas, but had one small complaint: it was FREEZING there! Not that New York is a tropical paradise, but we at least thought that venturing 1,500 miles south would warrant somewhat warmer temperatures.

Fortunately, this dinner we made before leaving is perfect for chasing away the chill. Read More


Toscana Soup Recipe

By admin | December 14, 2011

Photo: Navaboo

Photo: Navaboo

Since we recently claimed kale as one of the 8 best winter foods to try right now, we thought we’d offer a recipe that can help you incorporate this lovely fresh green into your winter diet. Toscana soup is a classic Italian soup that contains everything that’s right in the world- spicy sausage, potatoes, cream, and lots of kale! This is one hearty soup that will keep you warm during this cold windy weather. Read More

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