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Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Recipe

By Lindsay Hunt | May 24, 2012

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Greek yogurt is hailed for its richness and low caloric count. One cup of the nonfat variety has only 130 calories, and while it’s packed with protein, it makes a great choice for breakfast with Rhubarb Compote or homemade granola. A dollop on top of pecan pie or folded into a fruit salad offers a tangy richness and is much healthier than sour cream. This recipe comes from David Lebovitz’s cookbook, The Perfect Scoop, allows the perfect opportunity to try Greek yogurt out in frozen form. And it is truly delicious. The frozen yogurt is extremely creamy and it tastes great with just about any ice cream topping you can imagine. Bye bye expensive frozen yogurt shops, hello homemade!


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Blueberry and Corn Clafoutis Recipe

By Lindsay Hunt | July 11, 2011


Photo: Lindsay Hunt

Late Saturday night, it did not seem ambitious to set my alarm for 10:45am the next morning.  It should have, because that left me 45 minutes before my friend was due to arrive for brunch on Sunday. Of course, at 2:30am on Saturday night, I didn’t have the clarity of mind to remember that too little prep time can result in catastrophic meals. I would have realized that that cooking brunch and deciding last minute to bake a dessert as well doesn’t usually make for epic meals. No, usually it does not work. Read More


Three Greens and Cheese Omelet Recipe

By Lindsay Hunt | July 6, 2011

Photo: Lindsay Hunt

Photo: Lindsay Hunt

When summer finally arrives, it’s hard to ignore the season’s harbingers.  This includes but is not limited to: over air-conditioned indoor spaces, steaming subway platforms and streets, and the most dreaded of all: bathing suit season. Luckily, the negatives of summer make for positive solutions.  I end up eating more salads and smoothies; and I exercise more. When the weekend comes, however, those well-intentioned plans can get derailed. (Brunch around the corner with a basket of pastries? Yes, please!) This summer I plan to have none of that, and to make it through each Saturday and Sunday with a healthy brunch without a side of guilt. Read More


New Potato and Egg Crostino Recipe

By Lindsay Hunt | June 29, 2011

Photo: Lindsay Hunt

Photo: Lindsay Hunt

Cooking is one of my favorite aspects of every weekend, which begins each Saturday morning at the farmers’ market, and usually takes up the better half of both days. But, when it’s gorgeous out, I feel guilty in my windowless kitchen.

When it’s nice out I feel like I need to get outside immediately so as not to miss a ray of sunshine. Despite my inclination towards lengthy preparations, I need to make food quickly. I’ve discovered that the secret to speedily preparing delicious food is to keep a few pre-cooked ingredients on hand, and to adopt the clever Italian open-faced sandwich: the crostino. Read More


Vanilla Pudding with Blueberry Sauce Recipe

By Lindsay Hunt | June 23, 2011

Photo: Lindsay Hunt

Photo: Lindsay Hunt

Now that it’s summer, the idea of turning on the oven is simply unbearable. With no air conditioning and an oven door that doesn’t exactly close, baking equals sauna, and we simply can’t have any of that.

The heat may steer me away from baking, but not away from my love for making desserts.  No oven relegated me to the realm of frozen yogurts and puddings, both of which are superb summer treats. Both take a bit of chilling and patience after you make them, but then there are several cool servings waiting for you after a sweltering day. Read More

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