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Açaì Sorbet Recipe

By Melaina Gasbarrino | March 23, 2012

Photo: Christian Handley

The heat does something to us all. It makes us not only happier as the winter blues are hopefully past us now, but it gets us to eat healthier, slim down, and pull out the flip flops and bikinis. This is one of those perfect, easy sorbets to make on one of the many hot spring days that are to follow the recent beautiful weather.

Acai, a berry that grows on acai palm trees in the Amazon rainforests of Brazil, is becoming widely popular in the States. This berry is one of those ‘superfoods’ we’re all filling up on and rightfully so can be called a superfood with all of the nutritional benefits attached to it. Not only is this berry high in antioxidants, and nutrients but promotes weight loss, gives you an energy boost and supports your immune system.

And the best part of making this icy treat? You don’t need an ice cream maker to do it! Read More


Firecracker Crab Cakes Recipe

By Melaina Gasbarrino | March 15, 2012

Photo: Frank Muller

We all know fish is best served up fresh, local and Oceanside. But what if you’re landlocked and are craving the sweet tastes of the sea? Well you have nothing to worry about, as this recipe will have you feeling as though you’re in your favorite seaside fishing town.

Crab meat is considered a prized possession all around the world due to its soft, sweet, delicate taste. While crab cakes are always a popular dish, few come close to the intensity of a spicy firecracker crab cake. These little patties of spicy crab go great as an appetizer or can be made larger for a main course.

If you are having a hard time finding fresh crabmeat you can purchase canned, although nothing beats the taste of fresh crabmeat. Read More


Vegetarian Banana Leaf Tamales Recipe

By Melaina Gasbarrino | March 5, 2012

Photo: Rubí Flórez

While tamales are one of the most traditional Central American delicacies, more often than not they contain meat. But since it is Meatless Monday, to one up the creation of vegetarian tamales this recipe will take you to the ends of the earth and allow you to experience the wonderful tastes of Latin America and its tropical counterparts of Mexico and Central America.

Tamales are either wrapped in cornhusks or banana leafs, it all depends on which country or region you are in. This recipe calls for banana leaves, so you can sit back, and pretend your miles away on the beaches of Mexico or Central America. Read More


Beer-Braised Chicken Recipe

By Melaina Gasbarrino | March 2, 2012

Photo: Boo Lee

Beer-braised chicken is the perfect way to show your friends just how perfectly you mastered the art of cooking chicken that isn’t your average grilled beer can chicken barbecue. With those warm spring days fast approaching this recipe is like a gear-up for all those grill masters out there to perfect cooking chicken stovetop before you take to the grill.

As beer tenderizes meat, this dish creates the perfect balance between a tender and sweet piece of chicken. By adding the beer you certainly are amp-ing up the flavors and using a unique tenderizing method that beer-lovers are falling in love with. Because the chicken and potatoes aren’t braised for a longtime the subtleties in the beer will shine through in this dish. Read More


Sicilian Turkey Burger Recipe

By Melaina Gasbarrino | March 1, 2012

Photo: Hana Selly

Photo: HanaSelly

When you hear the word Sicilian you most likely think of the endless amounts of pasta, pizza and all things-Italian. But you may have never thought of was a Sicilian-inspired Turkey Burger. With the sweet and zesty balance of this burger and biting into that soft ciabatta roll, your taste buds will be singing all the way to your now empty plate.

Using turkey meat will not only add a flavor burst to your burger like no other, but when you purchase lean ground turkey you are packing a whole lot of punch into one burger. Turkey meat is also lower in fat than red meat is, which is perfect if you’re thinking about shedding a few pounds before bikini season comes.

The beauty of these burgers is the addition of the capers. When you scour the Internet for a tasty turkey burger you won’t find too many with capers in them. Let’s just say after tasting this zesty burger, you might just think of Sicilian food in a whole different way.

Adapted from Epicurious

Melaina is from a small town in Ontario, Canada and as an avid environmentalist with a passion for focusing on healthy living. Having traveled the world and written about it every step of the way, she one day hopes to develop unique environmental educational programs for kids.

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