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Fried Herring Po Boy Recipe

By Patrice Johnson | October 4, 2013

Photo: Justin Marx

A good sandwich is perfect food, especially when it provides a balance of flavor, texture, and color. Fried Herring Po Boys have the tang and zing of pickled herring coated in a crunchy Panko-corn meal crust, a little bit of cayenne heat, crisp pickles, sweet and heady tomatoes, and creamy mayonnaise all tucked into a chewy roll.

Fried Morels, Spring Onions and Sage Recipe

By Patrice Johnson | June 18, 2013

fried morels, mushrooms, spring onion, sage, fried sage

fried morels, mushrooms, spring onion, sage, fried sage

When mushrooms come to mind, you think of grilling, sautéing, or even roasting them, but generally never frying. In season, morel mushrooms and spring onions are plentiful at the farmers markets. Combined together and fried these treats are great as a garnish on a baked potato or salad. But,  I make no apologies for eating them right out of the pan.

Adapted from John Brewer’s Crunchy Morels recipe.


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Spring Mushroom and Asparagus Ragout Recipe

By Patrice Johnson | June 7, 2013

mushroom, morel, asparagus, ragout

mushroom, morel, asparagus, ragout

A foodie friend of mine started growing her own mushrooms a few years ago, but I didn’t really pay any attention. Mushrooms seemed so complicated and scary. Besides, she also grew grapes before the rest of us, and wasn’t afraid to dive into pumpkin and strawberry patches. No gardening practice intimidates her. Then I saw home growing kits hit the shelves at my grocery store, and fresh and dried local mushrooms for sale in the farmers markets. Mushrooms are trending.

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The mushroom vendor at my local market enthusiastically pitches the wonders of mushroom teas. I passed on the tea but brought home a carton of fresh Italians to play with. If you cannot find fresh local mushrooms, use a meaty variety such as portobella.

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Grilled Trout Burger


Grilled Trout Burger Recipe

By Patrice Johnson | May 7, 2013

trout, fish burger
trout, fish burgers, burgers

Cumin and cilantro add a zesty kick to these fresh trout burgers. You can also substitute salmon for the trout.

Some people have a butcher or cheese monger. Others have a favorite deli or takeout place. Me? I’ve got a trout guy. He promises that every one of his gorgeous fillets packed on ice was blissfully and obliviously swimming the day before sale. They are the epitome of fresh, local, and sustainable, and they make a delicious grilled dinner.

trout, fish burger

Top with cilantro cumin yogurt sauce and fresh vegetables for a healthy dinner.

If you don’t have a neighborhood trout guy ask your fish monger for steelhead or rainbow trout, or use salmon. Topped with cilantro-cumin yogurt sauce and plenty of cold crisp vegetables, grilled trout burgers become a standup and eat with two hands event.

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The Foods Swedes Eat

Swedish Waffle Day Recipes

By Patrice Johnson | March 26, 2013

Photo: add1sun

On March 25, Swedes celebrate Våffeldag (Waffle Day).

Photo: add1sun

Photo: add1sun

Observed nine months prior to Christ’s birthday, Waffle Day commemorates Mary’s conception. How did Mary’s pregnancy become associated with waffles? This day used to be called Vårfrudagen (our lady day) in honor of the Virgin Mary, and due to dialect corruptions became Våfferdagen, and eventually the modern Våffeldagen. Thus Swedes enjoy waffles on Lady Day.

Another tale reminds Swedes that migratory birds begin returning to their northern homes around the end of March, and cranes were said to carry sunlight in their beaks. “On Annunciation Day the crane carries light into bed,” is a Scandinavian proverb meaning that in early spring there is enough daylight making it unnecessary to carry a candle to lights one’s way to bed. Cranes also brought treats and gifts to children (such as dried fruits and oranges) from southern countries, but oddly enough no waffles.

Serve Swedish-style Waffles with your favorite preserves and plenty of maple syrup, or top them the traditionally Scandinavian way with strawberries or lingonberries and cream. Glad Våffeldag!

Brandade Recipe

By Patrice Johnson | March 13, 2013


Photo: Patrice Johnson

Think of brandade de morue as fish and chips Provençale. Brandade is a puree of reconstituted salted cod, potato and aromatics. It is especially popular in regions where commercial salt cod is available, such as in the Mediterranean. Home-salted cod is a satisfying substitute, and happily the dish plays well with Scandinavian flavors.

This simple but glamorous pot of fish and potatoes is perfect for holiday parties. Serve the pot hot with bread or crackers and a cucumber and orange salad for a first course. Or spread the pâté uncooked over crostini, garnish with the almonds and herbs, bake 10 minutes, and then then pass a serving tray among your cocktail party guests. For a less formal snack, roll chilled brandade into balls and coat with egg wash and bread crumbs, then fry.

Photo: Patrice Johnson

St. Lucia Saffron Buns Recipe

By Patrice Johnson | December 13, 2012

Photo: macro man

Photo: macro man

St. Lucia saffron buns can be shaped in numerous forms. The most popular today are Lussekatter, Julkronor, and Julgaltar. Interestingly, Lussekatter are a reference to Lucia’s relationship with Lucifer and the cat-form witches were said to assume.

Adapted from Aquavit: The New Scandinavian Cuisine

Hovdessert with Chocolate Balsamic Sauce Recipe

By Patrice Johnson | October 23, 2012

Photo: Patrice Johnson

Photo: Patrice Johnson

Hovdessert is a Swedish meringue cookie that I first read about in my ancient copy of the Time and Life Cooking of Scandinavia. In Swedish, hov means royal and hoof.  This cookie is supposedly named for the court (think Pavlova), yet it looks very hoof like (at least mine do). The Chocolate Balsamic Sauce mimics a hard sauce and balances the sweet cookies with a bit of tart.

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