Asparagus, Prosciutto, and Arugula Salad Recipe

By Lindsay Hunt | June 1, 2011

Photographer: Lindsay Hunt

Photo: Lindsay Hunt

I’ve been cooking a lot with prosciutto. Mostly because it’s delicious, but also to share it’s versatility with you. Packed with flavor, prosciutto improves many dishes with only a small amount, which is easy on your wallet (and figure). What’s great about this salad in particular, is that it takes two multipurpose ingredients and combines them in a new meal. Again, good for budgeting.  Read More


One Ingredient, Two Ways: Dates

By Suzanne Lehrer | March 28, 2011


Photo: Suzanne Lehrer

I’ve always felt that there is something particularly decadent about dates-their almost smoky sweetness, their meaty texture-and so I was excited to discover that I’m actually the last in a very long line of civilizations who felt the same way. Read More


Farro-Orange Salad Recipe

By Marcus Samuelsson | January 27, 2011

Photo: Paul Brissman

This refreshing salad balances bitter radicchio against oranges and nutty farro. Loaded with vitamins and fiber, farro is a nutritious but often overlooked grain. I love how the fennel bulbs tease out this healthy salad’s sweetness. Try serving it for a light weekend brunch.


Grains are a great way to add texture to any salad. Try these recipes using grains and ingredients from your local farmers market:

Vegan Quinoa Salad 

Farro Salad with Marinated White Anchovies 

Barley Salad 

Couscous Salad with Shrimp

Strawberry Barley Scones 



Apple-Potato Salad Recipe

By Marcus Samuelsson | January 19, 2011

Photo: Marcus Jeffrey

Check out this video of me making one of my favorite recipes: Apple-Potato Salad.  Kitchen Daily’s online cooking show gives you the process from start to finish. Watch and learn, then print out the recipe for this hot and cold salad that combines some of my favorite flavors. You can’t go wrong with this salty-sweet combination of apples, potatoes, parmesan, and more. Read More

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Photo by Sudhamshu Sauces & Rubs

By Marcus Samuelsson


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