Mussels with Yucca Fries

By Marcus Samuelsson | March 24, 2015

Photo by Jana Reifegerste

Photo by Jana Reifegerste

Moules frites is one of my favorite dishes to set out for people to nibble on. This version gives the traditional Belgian dish a Latin makeover substituting yucca fries for the potato based frites. I first tried yucca fries at the Latin American markets in New York and was immediately won over by their bold, intense flavor. The broth, flavored with bacon, garlic, and sun-dried tomatoes, is quick to put together. This s a great dish to make for a group.

Son of a Gun Lobster Rolls

By | July 9, 2012

Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll

A good lobster roll is hard to find but the more satisfying one is the kind you make yourself. Topped with crispy and seasoned fried potatoes, this recipe comes special from the innovative palette pleasers of Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo from Son of a Gun in Los Angeles. Read more about their creative restaurant ventures here: Kitchen Takeover: Animal House.


Seafood Paella with Chicken and Hot Sausage Recipe

By Emma Haberman | May 24, 2012


This delectable seafood paella is a regional Valencian dish, originating from the mid-19th century. Traditional Valencian paella consists of white rice, vegetables, meat (chicken, duck or rabbit), land snails and beans. Though the ingredients are interchangeable, the one necessity is that the bottom layer of rice must be toasted to form a crust, called socarrat. When cooked over an open flame, as traditional paella is, the socarrat forms naturally.

This paella includes seafood, chicken and hot sausage. Many paellas are made with chorizo yet hot turkey sausage to be an excellent low-cholesterol substitute. Pair with a nice crisp Verdejo wine and you have a dinner party in an hour.


The Cecil Moqueca

By The Cecil | April 7, 2011





The Cecil is a unique culinary destination that highlights the foodways of the African Diaspora through it’s “Afro-Asian-American” menu, curated by restaurateur Alexander Smalls and Executive Chef Johnson “JJ” Johnson. This Moquaca recipe is a rich and insightful take on the traditional Brazilian stew dish.

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