Swedish Princess Cake Recipe

By Patrik Fredriksson | June 6, 2012

Photo: Per Ola Wiberg

Photo: Per Ola Wiberg

One of the most traditional desserts in Sweden is Swedish Princess Cake. The original recipe has been around since 1930 and it consists of alternating layers of sponge cake, raspberry jam, whipped cream, and a thick pastry cream and topped with a layer of green marzipan.

It’s eaten during all of the Swedish national holidays, including Swedish National Day. Check out a recipe below for Princess Cake from Executive Pastry Chef Patrik Fredriksson of Norda Bar & Grill in Gothenburg, Sweden. Click here to read an interview with the chef himself.

Photo: thrownoverbored

Photos: Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi and thrownoverbored

Lingonberry Cosmopolitan Recipe

By MarcusSamuelsson.com | June 1, 2012

Lingonberry Cosmopolitan

Photo: Experiment 33

Lingonberries to Swedes are like blueberries to Americans. Here we use them for a Swedish twist to a classic summer cocktail, the Cosmo. We used vodka for this Lingonberry Cosmo, but feel free to substitute it with Aquavit for an extra-Swedish version.

You can even make your own Aquavit, click here to read how.

Photo: Experiment 33 



Ginger Citrus Cookies Recipe

By Marcus Samuelsson | December 24, 2010

Photo: hfb

Photo: hfb

Tonight, Christmas Eve, is when the real celebrations happen for Christmas in Sweden.  Today is when Santa comes, and all the kids get super excited about presents.  The meal is a big deal too, and always ends with gingersnaps.  These cookies are my take on the delicious dessert.

Check out my other recommendations for the perfect Swedish Christmas Table here.  And of course, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and God Jul!

You can substitute high-quality candied citrus peel for the homemade.  Avoid supermarket candied peel; good candied orange peel is available at gourmet markets and online.


Glögg Recipe

By Marcus Samuelsson | December 17, 2010

Photo: missteee

Photo: missteee

From the beginning of December on through the New Year, glögg is served in Swedish homes on every festive occasion or when visitors drop by.  A plate of St. Lucia buns is typically offered with the hot spiced wine.  Many families also like to serve glögg after the evening meal, when everyone is sitting around the fire.


St Lucia Saffron Rolls Recipe

By Marcus Samuelsson | December 13, 2010

Photo: keibr

Photo: keibr

In Sweden, these saffron rolls are baked only during the Christmas holidays, starting with today, which is St. Lucia’s Day.  According to tradition, Swedish mothers are treated to a breakfast in bed that includes these buns.  I love their lightly sweet flavor with spices and raisins throughout.

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