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Jonathan Waxman’s Ale Chili

By Jonathan Waxman | February 13, 2014

(Photo by Luca Nebuloni)
(Photo by Luca Nebuloni)

(Photo by Luca Nebuloni)

On my episode of The Taste [episode seven: "Good with Beer"], I particularly loved all the contestants with their varied approaches and wonderful personalities. This is exactly why I love being a cook—it brings to a head that we’re all so different. I can’t imagine making a soup exactly the way my neighbor does. If that were true, our profession would be so boring.
One of the contestants I coached on The Taste made a chili, so I thought I would share mine.

Shrimp Faux-lafel

By Marcus Samuelsson | January 28, 2014

(Photo by yosoynuts)
(Photo by yosoynuts)

(Photo by yosoynuts)

Guest mentor Roy Choi came in for the fourth episode of The Taste and showed our teams a thing or two about creating great street food. To help #TeamMarcus get in the zone, I shared with them my Shrimp Faux-lafel Sandwich. It’s a twist on the classic chickpea falafel, packed in a pita alongside tabouleh and a refreshingly light lime yogurt sauce, making it a fantastic meal to-go.

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Lobster and Crab Enchiladas Recipe

By Aaron Sanchez | January 16, 2014



Chef John (Besh) and I go to his cabin every year and this is one of the dishes we like to create after a long day of hunting. One night, someone had brought in crab and lobster. So we asked the younger chefs to create something amazing. They did a simple dish with steamed butter and lemon. John and I, thinking they were there to impress us, decided to show them how it’s done and whipped up these lobster and crab enchiladas. Now, it’s something we’ll do every year.

Coconut Fried Chicken

By Marcus Samuelsson | January 6, 2014

(Photo by Paul Brissman)
(Photo by Paul Brissman)

(Photo by Paul Brissman)

Last week on the season premiere of The Taste, my first pick for my team was Don Pullum. The Texas winemaker won me over with his deep-fried oyster with a Thai-based gastrique and jalapeño hot sauce. It was a big mouthful with a bold taste, and the flavors really just called out to me.

Don’s oysters reminded me of my recipe for Coconut Fried Chicken. This dish packs a punch, pulling inspiration from Thai cuisine with coconut milk, curry, and chilies. It’s one of my favorite things to serve at a party—you’ll find that people won’t be able to say no to a heaping plate of this flavorful fried chicken.

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By Suzannah Schneider


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