Malaysian Hot and Sour Noodles with Tofu and Bok Choy Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | May 6, 2013

bok choy, tofu, noodles, malaysian hot and sour
bok choy, tofu, noodles, malaysian hot and sour

Boy Choy and tofu has layers of texture in this dish.

When in doubt, make noodles.

That’s typically my motto, and this past week when I was having both my boyfriend and my brother over for dinner, that’s exactly what I did. Neither of these two are really tofu or vegetable enthusiasts but I handed them a bowl of these hot-and-sour noodles that were chock full of both..and miraculously enough they went back for seconds. Now that is the power of the noodle for you.

bok choy, malaysian hot and sour noodles

Fresh bok choy lends a fresh crunch to this noodle dish.

Joanne Bruno is a food writer and fourth year MD/PhD student. Find more of delicious ramblings over at her blog: Eats Well with Others.

Adapted from The Tropical Vegan Kitchen

Tofu Tacos with Spicy Cabbage Slaw Recipe

By Joanna Bruno | May 24, 2012


Preparing for Hurricane Irene took as much time as getting ready for prom (and ended up being equally as expensive. Apparently, the early bird gets the cheap water and better hummus.) These tacos are like a fiesta on a plate! Vegetarians and meat-eaters alike can rejoice in the fulfilling texture and flavor of the tofu paired with the tangy slaw. Flavored with lime and cumin, they taste bright, light, and refreshing; which is just what you need when you realize that your one night fling with Ms. Irene is not going to end with slightly blistered feet from hours of dancing, but rather with power outages and broken windows.  Pass me another tortilla, we’re going to need it.


Vegan Udon Noodle Stir Fry Recipe

By Aine Carlin | January 19, 2012

vegan udon noodle stir fry

One thing you should probably know about me is that I’m a bit of a Nigella Lawson fan. Granted she’s not vegan and my fascination with her is probably baffling to most of my vegan followers, but I really can’t help it. Ever since her first program that aired on TV, I’ve been besotted by the divine Ms. Lawson and her fat laden, can’t-be-good-for-your-heart, food.

You would think that since becoming vegan my interest would have somewhat dissipated. Nope, I still frequently visit her website, I’m still inspired by much of what she makes. See, what you probably don’t realize is that Nigella’s recipes are very easily Veganized Read More


Detox Recipe: Japanese Hot Pot

By Saira Malhotra | December 2, 2011

Photo: Sifu Renka

Photo: Sifu Renka

Today’s dish is detox personified. A Japanese hot pot made with fresh ginger, mushrooms, tofu and a very key ingredient ‘Bok choy’. Bok choy provides many health benefits, such as a good source of calcium, beta-carotene and is known as a lung cancer risk reducer. What does this mean for a detox diet? Bok choy protects the liver, freeing it from the harmful impact of stress and pollution and ultimately facilitates detoxification. Read More


Maple-Miso Glazed Tofu with Broccoli and Winter Squash Recipe

By Joanne Bruno | October 24, 2011

Photo: Joanne Bruno

Photo: Joanne Bruno

Sometimes I find myself baking cupcakes when it should be dinnertime.  Then, all of a sudden it’s 7:30pm and my mind is weighing the pros and cons of eating an entire batch of swiss meringue butter cream while my stomach is begging for something (anything!) that doesn’t contain four sticks of butter.

It’s at times like these that you just have to compromise with yourself.  Go the sweet-and-salty route.  And I am not talking salted caramel here. Rather, smothering your favorite protein with a maple-miso glaze and then stir frying it with some broccoli and winter squash. Sweet and salty, healthy heaven in a bowlRead More


Toasted Tofu Burrito Recipe

By Aine Carlin | August 22, 2011

Photo: Aine Carlin

Photo: Aine Carlin

Toasted Burritos are for lazy days. They’re also for tasty days. Minimum effort, maximum taste.

This burrito is also an effort to convert all those tofu naysayers (you know who you are). Think tofu is bland, tasteless and just a bit weird? Think again because believe it or not tofu can be delicious, full of flavor and packed with protein – good for vegans, good for veggies, good for everyone. Tofu is a magnificent alternative to meat, fish and cheese, which is why it is the perfect counterpart to any Meat Free Monday dish. Read More


Turmeric Tofu & Cauliflower Mash with Shrimp & Tomatoes Recipe

By Suzanne Lehrer | April 4, 2011


Photo: Suzanne Lehrer

No matter how many times I prepare my own meals-even if I’ve slaved over them all afternoon-they still just don’t cut it for me as a “home-cooked meal” if I’ve made and stressed over the meal myself. With no other city-bound friends who cook, and my parents about 45 minutes away, genuine home-cooked meals are rare birds these days, even as I long for them infinitely more since moving to this take-out, eat-out-crazed city. Luckily, my roommate Jackie’s family (my surrogate Manhattan island family) live just uptown, and her mother, Sylvia, is an excellent cook. One of my favorite meals of Sylvia’s to eat around their kitchen table and over some gossip is sauteed tofu with turmeric. This simple, but flavorful preparation is such a refreshing departure from Asian-inspired tofu dishes, while also incredibly comforting-which is saying something, since my comfort food usually trends more towards mac n’ cheese. I enlisted Sylvia’s help in learning to make it myself-and by the way, what is turmeric anyways? Turns out, it’s some pretty handy stuff.

Sold in stores as a ground spice, turmeric is a tropical plant with an underground stem that much resembles ginger-in both flavor and appearance. While most turmeric fans might only know it as a common ingredient in curry, I discovered it’s also long been recognized for its wide range of medicinal uses-dating back 5,000 years when it was first harvested in its native Southern India and Indonesia. As it happens, curcurmin, the major component of this little-known spice is somewhat of a panacea; its uses include a powerful anti-inflammatory, relief for arthritis as a powerful antioxidant, a possible cure for Cystic Fibrosis genetic defects, and it’s thought to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. There’s also speculation that the prevalence of turmeric in India’s cuisine is directly related to the low incidence of dementia in its elderly population. But despite all of turmeric’s more significant uses, this is probably the most unexpected fun fact: it’s the reason your yellow mustard on your hotdog is, well, yellow.

Photo: Suzanne Lehrer


Horseradish And Panko Crusted Tofu Recipe

By Madeleine Ignon | March 14, 2011

Horserdish and Crusted Tofu

Photo: Madeleine Ignon

My mom created this delicious combination of horseradish and breadcrumbs. She uses it to make a thick and salty crust for salmon, but I thought I’d try out tofu as a substitute since it is a good absorber of flavors and it’s easy on the pocketbook.

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