Vanilla Gelato

By Evie Samuelson | August 1, 2012

Photo: roboppy

Photo: roboppy

Even though I’ve been talking about an old-fashioned ice cream maker, this sort of recipe could be made in any sort of machine, from a bowl of ice to those fancy Kitchen Aid contraptions.

My great-great grandparents, down on the farm, used to make this as a custard. However, I prefer my dad’s modified gelato version.


Vanilla Pudding with Blueberry Sauce Recipe

By Lindsay Hunt | June 23, 2011

Photo: Lindsay Hunt

Photo: Lindsay Hunt

Now that it’s summer, the idea of turning on the oven is simply unbearable. With no air conditioning and an oven door that doesn’t exactly close, baking equals sauna, and we simply can’t have any of that.

The heat may steer me away from baking, but not away from my love for making desserts.  No oven relegated me to the realm of frozen yogurts and puddings, both of which are superb summer treats. Both take a bit of chilling and patience after you make them, but then there are several cool servings waiting for you after a sweltering day. Read More


Bourbon-Vanilla Milkshake Recipe

By Marcus Samuelsson | January 21, 2011

Photo: roboppy

Photo: roboppy

Sometimes it’s fun to play around with your cocktail.  Instead of a milk punch, I decided to go one step further and create a dessert-like cocktail.  The bourbon, milk and vanilla ice cream combine to make your weekend cocktail fun and delicious.  Invite your friends over for milkshakes and movies and enjoy!


Vanilla Syrup Recipe

By Elizabetta Tekeste | January 5, 2011

Photo: huppypie

Photo: huppypie

Last year, I challenged myself to prepare more food at home and from scratch. Homemade chai concentrate (see here for recipe), bittersweet Italian hot cocoa (my favorite!), mayonnaise, mustard and vanilla lattes!

Initially the incentive was monetary, the secondary reason quickly became health. When you prepare food at home, you don’t need the unpronounceable compounds we so often find in the ingredients.

To make something at home that you really love can be empowering!

Here is a recipe for homemade vanilla syrup. Your friends, if they have a pulse, will loose their mind over it! Added to your after-dinner coffee, it may steal the show!

Until next week, breathe well and be well!

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