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How to Fry an Egg

By Christopher Stewart | May 14, 2013

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Photo by Nadir H.

Sometimes the simplest thing to do can also be the hardest. I know I’m not the only one who has suffered many mornings with broken yolks, wiggling whites, and brown chewy bites for breakfast. Yes, I’m talking eggs. A fried egg is a one of life’s great minimal treasures and if done correctly can be added to any breakfast or sit atop any other delectable dish including sandwiches and pasta. These 3 easy steps will perfect your fried egg just in time for tomorrow’s breakfast.  Read More

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Breakfast for Dinner: Eggs

By Christopher Stewart | April 16, 2013

omelette, eggs, breakfast for dinner

omelette, eggs, breakfast for dinner

The hunt for something to eat for dinner is extremely exhausting. Especially if you dont have a lot of ingredients or time. Eggs are always in the fridge for breakfast, but you can also have eggs as a great and filling meal for dinner. Combined with meat, veggies, or as a hearty sandwich, eggs are a great versatile addition to solving dinner issues every night, and some of these recipes can also roll over into a brunch menu when friends come over. Here are 5 breakfast for dinner ideas.

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Change in Legislation Will Cause Rise in Egg Prices

By admin | February 13, 2012

Photo: Steve McFarland

Photo: Steve McFarland

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

The price of food is continually on the rise, no matter where you flock to. Not even a month ago the HR 3798 legislation was put into effect. This HR 3798 bill ensures a rise in the slippery, oozing goodness called the egg industry. The legislation will add a 6% rise in eggs at a grocery store near you. So for all of those who love cooking, baking or eating eggs, you may want to rethink purchasing a dozen or two, as the increase in costs will unanimously hurt Americans in any state.

The mandate will cost American egg farmers as much as $10 billion more a year in production costs, which in turn will increase consumer prices at restaurants and in your local grocery store. Read More


Today On Food Republic

By mahir | April 22, 2011

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Food Republic is jam-packed with great stories and recipes today. Check out these links from my Grilled Sea Bass Recipe to How to Make a Pizza Outdoors: Read More


Cultural Tuesdays with Debora Mordkowski: Sabich, An Iraqi-style Brunch Sandwich

By admin | September 14, 2010

We’ve all heard of the typical Middle Eastern spread: vegetable salads, taboule, hummus, and spicy dips. But, Iraqis use fried eggplant. And, that my friends, is a feast for the palate! So, next time you make brunch give your eggs a twist and turn them into Sabich, an Iraqi-style sandwich that makes for a hearty and exotic mid-day meal.

It all started one hot summer day in Tel Aviv, Israel many years ago. My friend Dana and I were at the beauty parlor doing our hair and makeup before her wedding later that evening. Between cuts and dries our stomachs started growling by lunchtime. Hungry, I glanced over at a falafel stand across the street, grabbed my wallet, and as I headed out Dana shouted: “Get us Sabich instead of falafel.” Read More


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