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East Meets West Harlem: Yamazaki

By Emelyn Rude | September 14, 2012

Photo: derfian

Photo: Edsel L

Regulars to Ginny’s Supper Club are no doubt familiar with the spot’s one-of-a-kind cocktail creation, the Harlem Mule ($15). Although listed first on the “Classic” half of the mixed drink menu, the Harlem Mule is a step above the traditional 1950s ginger-lime-vodka concoction its name instantly evokes. It is rather a spicy drink combining basil, ginger, a dash of Peychaud’s Bitters, and a healthy dose of Yamazaki 12-year-old Japanese whiskey. Read More

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It’s Tea Time Somewhere: A Look Into Tea Cultures

By Emma Laperruque | July 5, 2012


Photo: Jeremy Keith

According to Chinese legend, Emperor Chen-nung invented tea in 2374 BC–by accident. One summer day, he decided to relax beneath a shrub tree and place a bowl of boiling water beside him. Soon after, a soft breeze blew a few shrub leaves into the bowl, where they began to steep. After smelling the delicate aroma, Emperor Chen-nung tasted the infusion, and thus, tea was born.

Though the story remains up for debate, no one argues that the shrub Emperor Chen-nung sat under (the Camellia sinensis, or tea, tree) hails from China, nor that the country was the first to brew the drink. The popular modern method of infusion developed gradually, becoming prevalent by the Ming dynasty when drinking tea started to take on symbolic qualities. It began to signify more than a beverage, but a ritual, too, representing discipline and beauty. Read More


Japanese Chef Recreates the American Burger With a Twist

By Jeannette | March 19, 2012

Photo: wintersweet

Photo: wintersweet

By: Justin Chan

Americans are accustomed to eating hamburgers, with some set on perfecting the science of making one. Some consumers prefer large burger servings, while others would rather eat bite-sized versions. In fact, the hamburger has become incredibly popular, particularly in Asia, where fast-food chains such as McDonald’s are trying to increase their customer base and where one country has even been credited for creating the world’s first burger.

In Hong Kong, one Japanese chef has re-invented the American burger to compete with local shops and to satiate the increasing demands for hamburgers in the region. According to the Wall Street Journal, Satoru Mukogawa, chef at Sushi Kuu, created a rice burger some time after last year’s Japanese earthquake and tsunami. “Our customers were increasingly worried about eating Japanese seafood, so I made a little something else as an alternative,” he said. Read More


Sake Comes To Harlem: A Cross-Cultural Pairing Dinner at Red Rooster Harlem

By admin | February 27, 2012

Sake Comes to Harlem

While Harlem may be known for its comfort food classics, it is clearly a culturally-diverse neighborhood, as well. Join us in seeing just how diverse it can really get as Nils Noren and The Gohan Society present Sake Comes to Harlem: A Cross-Cultural Pairing Dinner at Red Rooster Harlem. On Tuesday, March 6th, two distinct cultures will come together during a whimsical sake dinner pairing in one of Harlem’s newest cultural institutions- Red Rooster. This Gohan Society event will help raise money to continue the Society’s mission to advocate and foster a greater understanding and appreciation of Japan’s culture heritage in the United States.

Six courses celebrating the roots of American cuisine and the diverse culinary traditions of Harlem from the kitchen of Red Rooster, will each be paired with sake from the five breweries of Akita Prefecture Read More


Food and Fashion of the World, Part II: Japan’s Street Food and Street Fashion

By admin | September 8, 2011

Japanese street food

As a continuation of our Food and Fashion of the World, we’ll resume our look into cuisine from different parts of the world and their coinciding fashion styles. Today’s country of Japan fits right in line with our site’s theme of street food. The famous traditional Japanese food of sushi has clearly made it to the top of many, if not all, people’s list of favorite foods; but Japanese street food is just as popular in that country and is slowly but surely making its presence known here in the U.S.

Countries within Asia continually explore a more modern world of fashion. Read More


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