Emerging Health Paradox in Greece

By admin | April 18, 2012

Greek salad

Photo: Katherine Martinelli

By: Michael Engle

Currently, the national economy is not the only crisis for the country of Greece.  In a stunning and ironic development, more than 65% of Greek citizens are obese–the highest percentage of any EU member country. This growing problem in Greece is especially disappointing, when one considers that Greece is the cradle of the Mediterranean diet.  For centuries, the Greek lifestyle has been regarded as one of the healthiest diets, with its plethora of whole grains, olive oil, herbs and spices, and seafood, coupled with its societal aversion to (but not banishment of) red meat and salt. It is even recommended at times in order to lose or maintain ideal weight. Hence, the alarming paradox.

Predictably, Western lifestyles and influences can be blamed, as the Mediterranean region is poised to consume more unhealthy fats and sweets than ever.  As a result of these nontraditional diet practices and lower levels of physical activity, Greeks are increasingly prone to previously unprecedented maladies, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Read More


The Mediterranean Diet: Healthy and Delicious

By mahir | May 25, 2011

Mediterranean Diet

You may have heard that Europeans don’t gain weight the same way as Americans, and that the key lies in the way they eat. It’s definitely true that the Old World way of eating is fantastic, but it’s not just about where you’re from, it’s about how you eat and what ingredients you use. Eating the Mediterranean diet isn’t just about buying the right groceries or preparing food with shortcuts, it’s about lean protein, healthy vegetable and fruit-based accompaniments, portion control, and of course, living well and savoring life. Try these five tips for eating the Mediterranean diet. Read More


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