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By The Numbers: Soft Beverages

By Mac Malikowski | May 31, 2013

Marcus Palmer

Egg cream, Arnold Palmer, Shirley Temple, hot chocolate, ginger tea, peanut milk, lemonade, switchel… The list goes on. While soft beverages, that is to say, non-alcoholic beverages, reign as indispensable staples of civilizations around the world, they do seem to lack the glamour and consideration bestowed on their boozy cousins. Read More

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Spring Cocktail Round-Up

By Kendall Kish | May 13, 2013

strawberry basil spritzer

With spring in full force and beautiful weather on the forecast, what better a time to round-up a few cocktails inspired by the season.

The Aviation, Strawberry-Bourbon Spritzer, St. Germain Cocktail, Cucumber Martini

Strawberry Rhubarb Sangria: This recipe calls for the classic combination of strawberry and rhubarb mixed into a delicious and strong sangria.

St. Germain Spring Cocktail Recipes: Follow this link for many ways to use this elderflower liquor that is ever-so popular right now, and is versatile enough to pair with many traditional spirits.

Strawberry Basil Bourbon Spritzer: This cocktail is just as delicious as it is beautiful. Start taking full advantage of using fresh berries muddled in with your favorite liquor and mixer of choice. Read More

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7 Frozen Treats to Try This Weekend

By Mac Malikowski | May 3, 2013

Blackberry Ice Cream
Ice Cream_Gelato_Sorbet

From Left: Vanilla Gelato, Acai Sorbet, Chocolate Banana, Vegan Blackberry.

I like eating ice cream in the springtime, before the heat of summer turns my favorite dessert into a cooling means of survival. I use the term loosely when more than a number of cold, sweet and refreshing confections satisfy my craving.  Dairy-free? Bring it on. Double-churned? Even better. Read More

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Back to Basics: Radishes

By Kendall Kish | April 20, 2013


Radishes get a bad rap. You might think of them as a bitter root vegetable, but when radishes are at their peak season in spring, they are actually refreshing, sweet, and crisp. They can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, and are a true symbol of the season as they pair so nicely with asparagus, peas, spring onions, and spring greens. They add beautiful color and texture to an ordinary salad or crudites plate, and would be great with healthy cilantro, basil, and mint yogurt dip. And if you really aren’t sold on radishes yet, try roasting them to mellow the bite that they are sometimes associated with – see the recipe below for roasted radishes garnished with their green leaves. Read More

Chasing Flavors

Happy Hour: In the Spirit of Spring

By Ashley Beck | March 29, 2013

photo by: katewrightson

Spring is finally making a bit of an appearance, and everywhere I go I see evidence of its much needed arrival. The groundhog’s cruel joke this year has pushed New Yorkers to their limits, and the icy winds that still remain seem to be a direct correlation with the way people respond to one another.

That is precisely why its about time to pump up our spirits with a little homemade sunshine, and coax spring out of hiding. So take a deep breath, and take time to sip these flowery cocktails. Read More


Ingredient Focus: Rhubarb

By Marcussamuelsson.com | May 24, 2012

rhubarb-2 (1)

Rhubarb is one of the official markers that spring has fully arrived. A jewel-toned pink and light green, the slender stalks make for great jams, pies, baked goods, and as we recently found out cocktails, too!

This end-of spring root traditionally pairs well with strawberries, otherwise many find its taste too tart. Yet, rhubarb can even make a savory appearance Read More


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