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Take Time to Smell the Rosé

By Dylan Rodgers | May 24, 2012

Photo: Evil Yoda

Photo: Evil Yoda

When thinking wine, the big question always seems to be “Red or White?”  Before you just blurt out a response in reflex, assess the situation.  What time of year is it?  Are you eating or just drinking?  If eating, what food are you in the mood for?

The answer to each of these questions gets you a little closer to the perfect wine for your situation, but there is a way to supersede the inquiry all together:  simply ask for a rosé.

The stigma about rosé as a spring and summer wine is purely dogmatic winery. Description:‘Connoisseurs’ that suggest this seasonal restriction have probably never tasted a good rosé during the winter for fear of breaking the ‘rules’ of wine that have no more to do with wine than manners have to the taste of the food.

The rosé is by far the most versatile wine on the market.  Read More


Rye Not? A Rise in Rye Beer’s Popularity

By Michael Engle | March 16, 2012

Photo:Paul Narvaez

For a grain with such wide recognition in popular culture (from the folk song/nursery rhyme “Sing a Song of Sixpence” to the Don McLean rock anthem “American Pie”) as well as its status as an undisputed staple for New York delis (aside from the “marble” cousin, is there any other acceptable bread for a Reuben?), one would assume that rye’s potential has already been maximized.  However, as palettes and techniques have become more refined, rye has enjoyed a renaissance.  William Bostwick reported, in The Wall Street Journal, that it has become increasingly popular among brewers not just as an novelty flavor, but as a useful grain for accenting beers.

Even though rye whiskey distilling is a domestic tradition as old as the presidency, reportedly dating back to the 1790’s at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, VA estate, Americans have only recently discovered rye’s beer capabilities.   Read More


Moonshine Distiller Emerges from Underground as New Businesses

By admin | March 7, 2012

Photo: Neal Hutcheson

Photo: Neal Hutcheson

By: Michael Engle

Many people seem to have a particular family member with a certain hidden food talent.  Whether it is a grandmother’s casserole recipe, an uncle’s barbecue sauce, or a father’s steak seasoning blend, these family traditions invariably become priceless family secrets.  Sometimes, these small-scale items emerge as bases for publicly-known brands.  In the case of the late Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton, an entire line of bootlegged moonshine has been transformed into a business, due to revised local liquor laws.  The New York Times writer Campbell Robertson recently profiled Popcorn and the nascent industry he helped launch.

Though once illegal in Cooke County, Tennessee, moonshine production has been a fixture in its local informal economy for generations.  As there were few alternative opportunities for making a living in the region, moonshine has been a risky industry, but successful moonshiners have used the under-the-table money to support their families.  The associated lawlessness and corruption (Popcorn himself routinely provided pistols to local sheriffs) have cemented a negative stereotype upon the county.  Most moonshiners in Cooke County elected to maintain a low profile, but Popcorn was the exception to this rule, since he freely and frequently pedaled his “potent but fine-tasting” corn whiskey. Read More


Drinks That Pack on the Pounds and Their Alternatives

By admin | January 24, 2012

Photo: Erik Jaeger

Photo: Erik Jaeger

By: Cyndi Amaya

We all know that alcohol can be your greatest downfall when it comes to staying on that diet. While we can survive a whole day by just eating salad and oatmeal, something just stops us from having that same good sense to say no to the two, ok maybe three, margaritas during Friday’s happy hour. What we should be doing is juicing instead of boozing, sometimes you do need something to help keep the edge off and it’s OK to indulge a little on a rest day.

While all alcohol is basically fermented sugar water and can ruin your weight-loss goals, there are some alcoholic beverages that are more dangerous than others for your waistline. So if you’re going to drink but still want to keep on your fitness goals, it’s important to know which booze in particular to avoid. Read More


Are Higher Alcohol Taxes The New Prohibition?

By admin | September 30, 2011

Photo: Jennifer Yin

Photo: Jennifer Yin

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

Gone are the days of prohibition and in are the days of raising alcohol taxes in the hopes of creating a more financially stable America. The thought of another prohibition like that of the 1920s one is certainly not something we want to go back to. To illustrate, Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s developed “Prohibition” series on PBS where they tell of a tale long ago where alcohol was removed from America in hopes of improving the lives of Americans. The series premiers October 2nd, 3rd and 4th and will provide some insight into why 3 states (Georgia, Connecticut and Indiana) still hold onto prohibiting the sales of alcohol on Sundays. But, if you are keen on enjoying happy hour then beware, as you will see an increase in alcohol taxes throughout America. Don’t worry though; it’s all to benefit you and your community. Read More


Take Time to Smell the Rose

By admin | August 19, 2011

Photo: Evil Yoda

Photo: Evil Yoda

By: Dylan Rodgers

When thinking wine, the big question always seems to be “Red or White?”  Before you just blurt out a response in reflex, assess the situation. What time of year is it? Are you eating or just drinking? If eating, what food are you in the mood for?

The answer to each of these questions gets you a little closer to the perfect wine for your situation, but there is a way to supersede all the inquiry: ask for a rose. Read More


How to Make Your Own Infused Alcohol

By admin | June 24, 2011

Photo: on flickr

Photo: on flickr

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with refreshing cocktails, and infusions can help add a delicious and seasonal twist to your favorite liquor. They can also make a great gift or contribution to a summer potluck picnic! Here’s how to make your own infused alcohol. Read More


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