Top 3 Online Tools for Food Truck Hunters

By Michael Engle | March 26, 2012

Photo: Carl MiKoy

Photo: Carl MiKoy

It is certainly true that technology (not just the iPhone) has changed how we find restaurants, order delivery, and even shop for groceries. But what about street food? Have you ever wondered whether it’s possible to keep tabs on your favorite mobile food vendors?

The answer, especially in New York City, is a resounding “YES!” Because mobile eating and mobile phones go perfectly hand-in-hand, it is quite easy to locate your favorite food trucks. After all, wouldn’t the food truck want to Tweet its temporary location in case of construction? Whether you are a NYC resident, a commuter from Connecticut, Long Island, or New Jersey, or simply a tourist who wants the best meal and New York experience $5 can buy, here are our recommendations to keep NYC’s food trucks under your thumb! Read More


6 Best Apps For Foodies On The Go

By Jeannette | March 21, 2012

Photo: Steve Harwood

Photo: Steve Harwood

By: Allana Mortell

Sometimes I like to think back and try to remember what life was like before the iPhone. Though my memory is a bit hazy, I recall something about thick silver flip phones and too-small-to-function Nokia phones that could fit in the palm of your hand.

Now, ten years later, when I’m not obsessing over Instagram or playing lightsaber on my iPhone, I’m checking out my big foodie apps. I used to think it was cool your phone could tell you where to find a great burger. Now, our ability to order food in person is being replaced by a smartphone.

In the past two years, technology has become a million times more advanced and you, along with Siri, can pretty much rule the world with a swipe or two of your fingertips. So, feel free to replace that drawer of take-out menus in your kitchen – these days, all you need is your phone and these great apps to follow! Read More


New Year’s Resolutions? There’s An App For That

By admin | January 2, 2012


It’s that time again, when we look back at all the time wasted and un-reached goals from the previous year as we look forward to the daunting list of new resolutions that we swear we’re going to keep. Here’s an idea- instead of setting a long list of unrealistic goals with virtually no hopes of accountability, why not make a resolution to not make resolutions? While that may seem completely contradictory, a new app called Anti-Resolution can help you attain your New Year’s plans through small daily actions instead of one or a few huge year-long goals.

How you ask? You first make a pledge to not make resolutions and then select 1 from 5  goals (quit a habit, lose weight, more family time, manage and reduce stress, or save money) that you’d like to achieve and then select smaller actions instead. Read More


Food52 To The Holiday Rescue

By admin | December 14, 2011

iPad Music Pro

Panicking about holiday cooking already? Not to worry, the trustworthy all-things-food website, Food52 is here to help with their new iPad App, Food52 Holiday Recipe and Survival Guide, just in time to help you prepare for those hectic holiday meals ahead. With everything from recipes from the Food52 home cook community to videos and step-by-step guides of important holiday techniques. Not only is the App about the food, it also offers helpful tips on entertaining, prepping, and shopping, as well. Read More


GrubHub Scores $50 Million Dollar Deal

By admin | September 23, 2011

Photo: Mykl Roventine

Photo: Mykl Roventine

The best ideas always seem to pop up all while enjoying a drink or two. For Mike Evans and Matt Maloney, their ‘ah-ha’ moment came 7 years ago while attempting to solve the problem as to how people can easily order food online. Within days the two developed, a tool that enables you to type in your address and locate where the best nearest restaurant that will deliver directly to your door. Now 7 years and a couple hundred employees later, the 13-city team is ready to expand into the college scene. Read More


Food and Drink on Your Phone

By admin | August 22, 2011


The App world is taking food and drink creations by storm is becoming ever so easy for those looking to score a delicious dinner, figuring out how to create a perfect drink or becoming more nutrient conscious when grocery shopping. Food and drink apps are finding a way into the market of Smartphone’s and it certainly is all the new craze. Read More


Food and Technology: Apples’ iCloud, OSX Lion, and iOS5

By mahir | June 10, 2011

Photo: inUse Consulting on flickr

Photo: inUse Consulting on flickr

By Liz McCarthy

Food and technology have become increasingly intertwined as blogs, apps, and social media make it easier and easier to share recipes, your favorite restaurants, artisan food producers, and photos of your culinary creations. This week at their annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference, Apple announced some new features they’re adding to their lineup that could make some foodies (and techies) very excited.  Read More


Leftover Food App for your phone: The Next Frontier in Food Apps

By mahir | February 8, 2011

Second-Day Meal Of Leftovers Column By Marcus Samuelsson

A great blog I’ve just discovered called Food and Tech has a post about apps and the tonight’s event Eats and Apps. Already there are so many apps devoted to food, including but not limited to “Gourmet Live, Food Network’s In The Kitchen, Snooth, Dinevore, and Gojee.” (Food and Tech)

But what about for food that you have already bought or made and you need to make sure doesn’t go to waste.   Read More


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