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Ambessa Tea Stories: Tea For Your Face

By Ashley Beck | February 28, 2013

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Sounds a bit weird right? But if you think about it not so much. The benefits we get from tea on the inside can also be benefited from on the outside. And to go further, because our bodies absorb whatever we apply to our skin, it’s best to use products that are made from ingredients that you wouldn’t be afraid to eat. Therefore these tea masks and scrubs are made from 100% natural edible ingredients that will leave your face feeling as good as if it just had a cup of tea. Read More


Food & Beauty: The Best Beauty Foods, Part II

By admin | April 2, 2012

Photo: Badruddeen

Photo: Badruddeen

By: Allana Mortell

As mentioned in Part I of our Food & Beauty series, there are many foods that can be used to enhance beauty, and not just through ingestion. The best part is that most of these beauty products are not only cost effective but may just be laying around in your fridge or pantry right now.

To check out which foods we mentioned in our first installment, click here. Check out what other foods can also work as beautifiers… Read More


Food & Beauty:The Best Beauty Foods, Part I

By admin | March 27, 2012

Photo: Pan Pacific

Photo: Pan Pacific

By: Allana Mortell

I will never forget the first time I walked into a beauty salon. I was eight and dragged along to watch my mom get her haircut. To reach the upstairs salon, we had to first walk through the spa. As I turned the corner too quickly, I almost ran smack-dab into an employee carrying a whole tray of sliced cucumbers.  I figured they were for a snack. I quickly realized I was wrong when, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted an elderly woman lying on her back with her feet up, hair wrapped in a towel with two slices of cucumbers covering each eye.

I didn’t know it then, but those cucumbers were working magic on what I could only assume to be, a pair of very puffy eyes. Cucumbers, along with a plethora of other fruits, vegetables and pantry items you possibly have lying around your house, are not only beneficial for your health but for your beauty as well. There are plenty of at-home remedies, masks, scrubs and the like you can create just by going through your refrigerator. These days, finding at-home remedies that actually work is like finding a five-dollar bill on the street. It’s unexpected and always welcome!

So just which foods can also be used to enhance your beauty? Here’s a list of ingredients (and tips of their use) that can work as beautifiers that you just may have lying in your pantry or fridge. Read More


Top 5 Foods For Your Skin

By mahir | May 16, 2011


Not many people have enough time to eat right, plan out a skin regiment and have time leftover to catch up on Top Chef. Thankfully, you can accomplish two of the three in one fell swoop. Be sure to stock up on these top 5 foods as they make for great skin boosters:  Read More


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