Notes from LinkedIn: Eat Globally, Eat Better – Viva Brasil!

By Marcus Samuelsson | November 5, 2012


Brazilian Feijoada; Photo: João Guilherme di Carvalho

This post was first published on LinkedIn on October 23rd. 

I believe in chasing flavors and that if we eat globally we can eat better. Other countries have so much to offer not just in terms of new dishes but also in thier understandings of food and agriculture that can improve how we all eat. One of the nations I am particularly excited about is Brazil; anyway you frame it, this South American giant is a country on the rise. Read More


Brazilian Coffee’s Rise To Respectability

By Michael Engle | February 16, 2012

Photo: CIFOR

Photo: CIFOR

Katy McLaughlin of The Wall Street Journal recently published a profile of Brazilian coffee, and its sudden rise to respectability.  Though Brazilian coffee has been produced and exported for a long time, it has always suffered from a reputation of lower quality. As a result, Brazilian coffee beans, for the most part, have been reserved for instant mixes. Brazil’s newly-found status as a coffee powerhouse, however, is not due to any particular magic bean or change in soil; instead, it can be attributed to different roasting techniques.

Compared to the traditionally more respected coffee-growing countries, e.g.: Colombia or Ethiopia, Brazil is much closer to sea level, as it is as low as 3,000 feet above sea level in some regions.  Therefore, dark-roasting techniques as practiced at Starbucks and Peet’s are ill-suited for Brazilian coffee beans.  Instead, it has been discovered that Brazilian coffees, in general, are better suited in espresso blends, which are more delicately roasted. Read More


Five Great Smoothie Traditions

By mahir | April 27, 2011

Photo: Jose Carlos Cortizo Perez on flickr

Photo: Jose Carlos Cortizo Perez on flickr

As temperatures are heating up, it is tempting to grab a frothy ice cream-based drink to combat the heat. Instead of cooling down with a milkshake, choose a healthy smoothie. Smoothies can be surprisingly filling and lush with fruit and Read More


Street Food – Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

By Marcus Samuelsson | April 20, 2011

Do you have a great recipe for Swiss brezel, pannier  Jhal Mudi? You could have a chance to win a trip to New York! For more information about the competition go to the Street Food Competition site.

Its Portuguese colonial past, African slave history, Brazilian locals – Bahia de Salvador’s street food reflects its story as a land. Porto-Afro-Brazilian food has flavors not found anywhere else in the world. Read More


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