Why Bread Might Be the Cause for Your High Blood Pressure

By Justin Chan | February 16, 2012

Photo: kidmissile

Photo: kidmissile

Many Americans consume more sodium than they know. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report that claims that nine out of 10 Americans eat too much salt.

According to the report, the average person consumes around 3,300 milligrams of sodium daily. The figure, which does not include the amount of added salt to a meal, exceeds twice the recommended intake for half of Americans. Those who are 51 and older, African-American or have high blood pressure or kidney disease are advised to consume no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day.

Sodium is responsible for increases in blood pressure and has been responsible for numerous health problems, including strokes and heart disease. In fact, the effects of high consumption of sodium go beyond health-related issues. The country reportedly spent approximately $273 billion in health care money on such health problems in 2010. Read More


Inside ‘El Barrio': Mi Mexico Lindo Bakery

By admin | January 5, 2012

Mi Mexico Lindo Bakery

By: Cyndi Amaya

Unless you’re a Harlem resident, little is known about Spanish Harlem to most New Yorkers. Known as ‘El Barrio,’ East Harlem is one of the largest predominantly Latino communities in New York City. Once known as Italian Harlem because of the once-predominant Italian community, it now houses a large Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Mexican population.

With such a vast Hispanic community, it’s no doubt that most of the businesses and hot spots are Latin-based, with El Museo del Barrio (the largest Hispanic and Caribbean museum in NYC) being one of the main institutions of the neighborhoods. As Hispanic myself, I’ve always been drawn to El Barrio, since I can never get enough of my culture (same reason being why I moved to Queens not so long ago).

But with so many Hispanic businesses and restaurants, where is one to go for an authentic taste of Spanish Harlem? In this series, we’ll give you insight to a few Spanish Harlem favorites that seem to make everyone’s lists of must-tries. Read More


Bread for the Good of the World

By Melaina Gasbarrino | October 3, 2011

Photo: Lars Plougmann

Baking bread is all about timing, intuition and nowadays focusing on the greater good. The Kneading Conference, a conference intended to tackle the issue of wheat production taking the limelight in the local food movement across the world, is what spurred the idea to start baking for the greater good. Noted in Gourmet Live’s “Baking for a Better World”, at the 3-day conference in July, participants gather to learn the science of ‘creating local grain economies’. All who attended the conference were not only there to take in the science of creating that perfect loaf of light, fluffy bread but were there to stir their creative juices into developing the idea that ‘making better bread makes a better world.” Read More


Five Great Bread Bakeries Across America

By mahir | July 15, 2011


Bread is something that almost everyone loves, has a million uses, and can come in all sorts of flavors and styles. Whether you’re making a sandwich, a crostini, a bowl of bread salad, a grilled cheese, or just eating it alone, bread is something many people eat almost every day. And if you are eating it that often, you should probably be buying something good. Here is a short list of some of the best bakeries from around the country.  Read More


Healthy Snacks for a Summer Road Trip

By admin | June 23, 2011

Ensure maximum road trip enjoyment with plan-ahead snacks

Ensure maximum road trip enjoyment with plan-ahead snacks

Even if you’ve planned your road trip around food, you will undoubtedly get hungry between stops. On the highway, you’ll see many rest stops with fast food outlets. These might seem like an easy way to stop and get a quick lunch.

But, if you pack your own food, you can keep up a healthy lifestyle even when you’re on a long road trip.  By bringing planned snacks, you will be able to stay on the road, stay away from unhealthy food at rest stops, and still enjoy yourself! Check out these ideas for healthy road trip snacks. Read More


Easy Ideas for Gourmet Grilled Cheese

By admin | June 16, 2011

Update this lunchtime classic with easy add-ins!

Update this lunchtime classic with easy add-ins!

The grilled cheese sandwich is a staple of American cuisine. The combination of melted cheese and toasted bread is a favorite of children and adults alike and has become one of the most beloved meal items around the world. And although cheese and bread alone make a great meal, sometimes it’s fun to try something new and different. Why not try one of these ideas to take your grilled cheese from basic to gourmet? Read More


Don’t Throw Out Stale Bread! Leftover Bread Makes For Great Food

By mahir | May 3, 2011

Photo: Edsel L on flickr

Photo: Edsel L on flickr

Second-Day Meal Of Leftovers By Marcus Samuelsson

Bread is a staple most people keep around the house, even out of habit for those on low-carbohydrate diets. This means for some people that bread frequently goes stale. Whether your go-to loaf is whole-wheat, multigrain, or a French baguette, there are endless great ways to recycle and make use of day- or week-old bread! Read More


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