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Street Food Focus: Bubble Tea

By Jeannette | March 16, 2012

Photo: FullyFunctnlPhil

Photo: FullyFunctnlPhil

By: Justin Chan

I’m always in Chinatown during the weekends (if you didn’t figure out from my last street food post), only because I have an addiction to playing basketball at Columbus Park, which is located at the corner of Mosco and Mulberry Streets. To get there, I’m forced to navigate through the tons of tourists that walk down Canal and Mott Streets. I’ve grown accustomed to seeing some of them stand aimlessly in the middle of the sidewalk and look as if they’ve just entered a foreign land.

Sometimes, I can’t help myself but wonder what makes the neighborhood so particularly appealing to these foreigners. Is it the row of roasted ducks that hang from the restaurant windows? Or is it just the idea that you can’t find this many old-school Chinese residents outside of Manhattan? Some tourists and local visitors will tell you that the answer is neither. In fact, they’ll tell you that they’re in the neighborhood only to buy bubble tea, a beverage craze (milk tea with tapioca balls) that has become increasingly popular in the past several years. Read More


Texturally Speaking – Food Thoughts with Sheryl Estrada

By mahir | November 4, 2010

The taste buds of the tongue allow you to experience flavor. But the sensations caused by the texture of certain food and beverages on the tongue might stand in the way of the experience.

I like to try new food and beverages all the time, especially if they are healthy. So, I learned to get over certain textures that my tongue would often disagree with.

Here are a few of which I’ve managed to jump the hurdle.

Bubble tea.

I first tried the beverage invented in Taiwan Read More


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