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Eat, Fast and Live Longer

By Ashley Beck | May 8, 2013

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When you see a 101-year-old man, who only started long distance running in his 80s, cross the finish line of a marathon you wonder, is it merely genetic? Or is there something else in his regimen that has kept him surgery free, medication free with no signs of heart disease and active for 20 years longer than most people live? His answer: “It’s because of what I eat: fresh foods, small portions.” So we may not all be running marathons at 101 years old and we may not be able to change our own genetic make-up. But we can change the way we eat; not just what, but how and when. It’s what Marcus likes to call “eating with a spiritual compass“. Read More

Health & Wellness

Can A Healthy Diet Prevent Cancer?

By Tawnya Manion | April 16, 2013

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Photo: Karimian

Photo: Karimian

The National Cancer Institute believes that up to one-third of cancers are the result of a poor diet, and are preventable. More likely than not, malignancy has affected you, a friend or a family member’s life. While the big C can leave us feeling defenseless, there are measures you can take to prevent the malady.

First-and-foremost eating a diet high in antioxidants, along with lifestyle changes, and early detection can prevent you from developing the disease, or even worse, becoming a victim of it. To build a healthy life-style and prevent yourself from developing preventable ailments add these four tips to your daily routine.

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Breast Cancer and The Diet

By admin | October 19, 2011

Photo: Sugar Daze

Photo: Sugar Daze

By: Dylan Rodgers

Can certain foods cause cancer?  It seems that every time I watch the news some new thing like Styrofoam in the microwave or too much Equal causes cancer.  The further we delve into cancer research, the more we realize the links between our depreciating condition and the foods we eat.  In the same respect, we also have found certain foods that not only help reduce the chance of getting cancer, some literally reduce the size of tumors in cancer treatment. Read More


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